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Prime Minister to Meet Businesses

Posted: Friday, May 05, 2017

The Prime Minister has decided to host a meeting with enterprises in 2017 in mid-May with the theme of “Together with businesses”, according to the Office of Government. This meeting is seen as the most important event in the year by the business community as entrepreneurs and enterprises can express their views, expose troubles and hardships as well as directly put forth their recommendations to the Prime Minister.

The meeting will review the implementation of the Government Resolution 35/NQ-CP dated May 16, 2016 on business support and development to 2020 and propose solutions to effectively enforce and supplement the resolution.

To prepare the meeting as directed by the Prime Minister, the Office of the Government has requested relevant ministries and agencies to prepare a number of specific works.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) will complete a report on implementation of Resolution 35/NQ-CP and send it to the Office of Government by May 5, 2017; prepare a list of 1,200 representatives from enterprises, business associations and cooperatives; and recommend a list of delegates addressing the conference. It will coordinate with the Steering Committee for Enterprise Renovation and Development and the Office of Government to organise the meeting and carry out technical supporting works.


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