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Ben Nghe Port Continuously Edging Competitiveness for the Sake of Customers

Posted: Friday, May 12, 2017

The seaport system of Ho Chi Minh City has constantly developed and improved performance to make more important contributions to the city’s socioeconomic development for more than 300 years and brought Ho Chi Minh City closer to the target of becoming a port city of regional and global class. This overall success has a considerable contribution of Ben Nghe Port, one of the largest seaports in Vietnam administered and operated by Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd - a member of Samco Corporation.

Gathering strengths
The first advantage of Ben Nghe Port is its location on the right bank of the Saigon River, adjacent to Saigon Port and Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. It is easy and convenient to reach the port from waterway and overland traffic systems. In addition, the competitive edge of Ben Nghe Port lies in its material and technical facility systems capable of handling general cargo and container cargo, especially super-sized and super-weight packages of up to 150 tonnes. The operational capacity of its equipment and facilities is sufficient to meet all requirements from local enterprises. The warehousing system is being increasingly expanded on a total area of over 30 hectares. The design and layout are perfect for delivering port operations and logistics services. Apart from warehouses (five B-class warehouses and four A-class warehouses with a total area of over 10,080 square metres) that serve incoming and outgoing commodities, Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd built a new general cargo warehouse covering 3,120 square metres, powered by cutting edge technology to provide modern logistics services for customers. This is a great advantage for the company to provide better logistics services for customers.

Currently, Ben Nghe Port has a total wharf length of 816 metres, capable of accommodating vessels of up to 45,000 DWT. Thus, many cargo ships can dock at the port. Moreover, abundant human resources - with more than 300 well- qualified employees - are also a pride of Ben Nghe Port. Over 55 per cent of employees hold college degrees or higher.

By promoting its advantages of modern warehousing infrastructure, advanced equipment, skilled workers, professional executives and experienced staff, Ben Nghe Port has reaped tremendous successes in providing core products and services by tapping its own resources and incorporating with external capable resources. Besides, Ben Nghe Port has cooperated with Saigon Newport Corporation to operate container vessels in Phu Huu Port and joined hands with Tan Cang Shipping (a member of Saigon Newport Corporation) to expand the domestic container operations to gradually develop the "Ben Nghe Port Logistics" brand and meet customers’ basic demands for Second Party Logistics (2PL) services. With the guarantee of productivity and continuous service quality improvement, Ben Nghe Port always fulfils the objective of increasing annual output, revenue and profitability and creates stable employment and incomes for employees to contribute positively to socio-economic development of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the Southeast region. The "Ben Nghe Port Logistics" brand has been increasingly confirmed in the market and known by domestic and foreign customers.

Continuous self-improvement
To show its highest commitments to delivering quality-guaranteed products and services and satisfying all customer requirements, Ben Nghe Port has actively applied ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO9001-2015 quality standard management systems. Besides, in the past years, the port invested and deployed a strong computer network (seven servers and more than 100 workstations); and deployed port administration and operation application management systems. In addition to the Regulatory Management Programme, Bulk Cargo Management Programme and Pacific Accounting Programme, Ben Nghe Port successfully deployed the container loading and unloading management system called GTOS in September 2010 to raise its operational performance and meet requirements of agents, shipping lines and customers, thus enhancing the overall competitiveness of the port. “In the future, Ben Nghe will further invest in developing wireless applications and portable field computers. This system will enable the company manage real-time operations, further raise the operating efficiency and meet more requirements of customers,” Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thao, Director of Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd, said.

He said, to better operate the port, the goals of Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd are becoming a public company, being among the biggest and most important seaports in Ho Chi Minh City, being a important link in global logistics chains, a chain in supply chains of importers and exporters in industrial parks and export processing zones in Ho Chi Minh City and in southern Vietnam; effectively serving the development of Samco Corporation and the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of Ho Chi Minh City. In the course of operation, Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd will continue to rely on its core seaport services and focus on developing logistics services as its second business pillar. From the two mainstays - seaport operation and logistics, the company will develop more distribution centre services, super-heavy cargo transport, open port services and multimodal transportation.

In the coming time, Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd will focus on re-planning its functional warehouse system and traffic system in the port to catch up with development orientations and cargo throughput at the port in 2025. The company will invest to upgrade the port system and lifting equipment to handle ships of 45,000 DWT with better quality and higher productivity; upgrade and re-plan the docking system to boost up the holding capacity to store more freights; build a new modern warehouse system which will serve as a warehouse and a distribution centre at the same time.

In order to have more warehouses and yards in its key business areas and lease infrastructure, Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd will also actively seek new locations or form new joint ventures. It will focus on investing in new handling equipment and management technology to match with its upgraded port operations and services, and to meet market demands for transportation, stevedoring and logistics services in the region and in the world. Director Thao emphasised that "To meet regional and international market requirements for transportation, stevedoring and logistics services, Ben Nghe Port is determined to self-improve to bring more benefits to customers, from unloading cargo from ships to releasing cargo from warehouses - both safe and clean - to minimise costs and bring maximum benefits and optimal operation for customers.

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