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Natural Resources and Environment Sector: Effective Resource Management

Posted: Thursday, June 08, 2017

In the past years, the Natural Resources and Environment sector of Thai Nguyen province has implemented synchronous solutions to improve the efficiency of natural resources and environment management, thereby achieving positive results. Vietnam Business Forum had a talk with Mr Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Duy Binh reports.

Would you please share the results of provincial management of natural resources and environment in 2016?
2016 was the first year of implementation of the Resolution of the 14th Party Congress in Thai Nguyen province and socio-economic development plan of Thai Nguyen province for 2016-2020. Clearly defining their responsibilities and political tasks, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has promptly adopted many solutions to reach objectives and targets set in 2016 based on the direction of the province, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as well as the development objectives of the locality.

Land management has been strengthened in accordance with the stipulated procedures, especially land allocation and land lease, which creates the most favourable conditions for attracting investment. The issuance of Land Use Certificates exceeds the plan by focusing on consolidating the organisational structure of the one-stop-shop land registry and carrying out cadastral measurements in conjunction with issuance of Land Use Certificates and building of synchronous cadastral data to gradually perform electronic transactions in land administration procedures.

The management of mineral resources in the past also has gradually gone into stability. The department has reviewed the implementation of the project entitled "Strengthening the state management of minerals in the province in the 2011-2015 period", built the project "Strengthening the state management of mineral resources and environmental protection period 2016-2020.

For the management of water resources and hydro-meteorology, in 2016, the Department advised the provincial People's Committee to develop and implement the project "Planning allocation and reserve of underground water resources in the Southern areas of the province", the project "monitoring underground water dynamics in the south of Thai Nguyen ", the project to set up and manage water protection corridors in the province according to Decree 43/2015 / ND-CP.

In the area of environmental protection management, the department continues to propagandise on raising the awareness of the people and business organisations on environmental protection in various forms, control polution in mining, IPs and ICs, establish and implement environmental protection project in Thai Nguyen; control pollution in Nui Coc reservoir; implement Biodiversity Conservation Project , etc. The department also advises on developing regulations on environmental protection in animal husbandry, mineral exploitation, IPs, ICs and handicraft villages, improve the quality environmental impact assessment; control groundwater contamination.
The reform of administrative procedures has been carried out in accordance with the regulations and the received dossiers are settled in time, with over 20 per cent of dossiers being settled before the deadline.

In 2016, the Department conducted 87 inspections in 127 organisations and individuals. Through the inspection, the department implemented sanctions and sent petitions for administrative fines with the amount of VND199 million, proposed for collection of land rent, agricultural land use tax and environmental protection fee of over VND800 million. The department also ordered staff to serve people on all working days.

How has the Natural Resources and Environment sector been working in advising the Thai Nguyen People's Committee to solve the problems of ground clearance for projects?
Over the past years, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has actively advised the provincial People's Committee to direct, guide and remove obstacles for localities in compensation, support and resettlement when the State collects land to ensure the compensation, land clearance, support and resettlement are organised in accordance with the order and procedures as prescribed by law. Especially, since the Land Law of 2013 took effect, the legitimate rights and interests of landlords have been secured, contributing to speeding up the implementation of projects, especially key project of the province, such as: Yen Binh Industrial Zone; expanded Yen Binh Industrial Zone; Diem Thuy Industrial Zone; Mining project in Phao mountain; new national highway Hanoi-Thai Nguyen to Yen Binh Industrial Zone; New Highway No. 3 from Hanoi-Thai Nguyen to DT 266.

The results mentioned above are due to the timely advice of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in some specialised fields of the industry, such as:
Advise on the issuance of legal documents under the authority of the provincial People's Committee such as Decision No. 31/2014 / QD-UBND dated August 22nd 2014 of the provincial People's Committee on the promulgation of regulations on compensation, support and settlement when the state reclaim land in the province of Thai Nguyen; Decision No. 20/2016 / QD-UBND dated July 6th 2016 of the provincial People's Committee amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Regulation on compensation, support and resettlement when the State reclaims land in Thai Nguyen province issued in conjunction with Decision No. 31/2014 / QD-UBND dated August 22nd 2014 by Thai Nguyen People's Committee.

The Department has advised the provincial People's Committee to promulgate a specific mechanism to remove obstacles for projects. The application of specific support mechanisms helps reduce the difficulties for the people and create favourable condition for implementation of the projects.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has guided and resolved difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of compensation and site clearance, quickly and properly, without any backlog, creating conditions to attract investment projects; Coordinate with People's Committees of districts, cities and towns to participate in dialogue and advocacy activities for households in the project area to abide by decisions on land acquisition and handover.

The department has also carried out well the determination of specific land prices to serve as a basis for calculation of compensation when the State recovers land or allocates land for resettlement. The department has coordinated with the People's Committees of districts and cities, towns and relevant units to organise the land price determination in a timely manner and submit it to the provincial People's Committee for approval in accordance with the regulations, helping ground clearance compensation when the State recovers land and allocates the land for resettlement with land acquisition. Results from July 1st 2015 to the end of March 31st 2017 identified that there were 229 settled (since the determination of land prices transferred from the Department of Finance).

What measures has the sector proposed to improve the state management of mineral resources in accordance with actual conditions of each locality?
In each period, based on the provisions of the law on minerals, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has advised the provincial People's Committee to issue a project on state management of mineral resources. Currently, based on the assessment of the state management for the period 2011-2016, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has developed a project to strengthen the management of natural resources and environmental protection for the period 2017-2020.

The project set out the main tasks and solutions to be implemented such as: Strengthening communication, awareness raising, legal knowledge on minerals, environmental protection and relevant regulations; continuing to accelerate the reform of administrative procedures to simplify the implementation process to create favorable conditions for enterprises, ensuring that procedures are fully implemented according to regulations; Promptly review, promulgate and organise the implementation of mineral management and environmental protection documents under the Provincial People's Committee; Continue to strengthen the leadership and direction of the provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee in licensing investment and licensing mineral activities; Improve the quality of planning and organise the effective implementation of mineral and environmental protection planing and improve the quality of the appraisal of dossiers and to ensure the proper consultancy of the law and policy of the province; Intensify the inspection and examination of the observance of the legislation on minerals and the work of environmental protection; Improve the management capacity of the mineral and environmental sector from provincial to commune level; Improve the socio-economic efficiency of mining, processing and using minerals in the province; Prevent the illegal mining, storing, transporting and consuming of minerals in the province; Preventing illegal dumping and intensifying environmental pollution control activities; Strengthening material facilities to overcome the environmental pollution in industrial parks, clusters, mineral exploitation areas, urban centers, rural areas, craft villages and the Cau river basins.

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