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President of Nam Chau Son Foods: Efforts for Community Values

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Starting the business barehanded, with her tireless effort and sensitivity, Entrepreneur Chau Loan, President of the Board of Directors of Nam Chau Son Foods Joint Stock Company and Vice Chairwoman of the Dong Nai Young Entrepreneurs Association, developed a small chemical shop into well-reputed and strongly-established Ngoc Lan Anh Private Enterprise in just 10 years. Four years later, she expanded into extractive industries and, in 2017, stepped into trading, import and export of organic agricultural products supplied to construction, mining and organic agricultural product business. Her ambitions and concerns of creating values for the community via her business operations easily catch the attention of others.

Starting the business from a chemical store
In the early 2000s, following the strong wave of domestic and foreign investment flows, Dong Nai's economy grew up tremendously and factories mushroomed. That development not only created employment opportunities but also opened up business opportunities for companies that provided complementary products and services.

Leaving Ha Nam province for Dong Nai province to earn a living, Chau Loan, President of the Board of Directors of Nam Chau Son Group, soon found her own business opportunities before industrial development, specifically huge demands for industrial chemicals. So, she bravely opened an industrial chemical shop to serve industrial factories in the province. With her sharpness to market needs, her ingenuity in contact with customers and her creditability to partners, her chemical business thrived rapidly from a small shop to a private enterprise and then to a limited liability company.

With the success in chemical business, in 2012, she boldly invested in a new business which was traditionally known to be for man: Construction and mining. She set up Nam Chau Son Ninh Thuan Joint Stock Company, which was engaged in manufacturing construction materials, building civil and industrial constructions, supplying and installing synchronous mining and conveying lines.

With its good prestige, Nam Chau Son Ninh Thuan Company was entrusted by Ninh Thuan province to exploit western quarry sites on Co Lo Mountain, Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province with an annual output capacity of 1.2 million cubic metres of raw materials. The company invested in modern stone crushing lines to turn out standard products for construction material production like commercial concrete and asphalt concrete (Base, Subbase, 0.5x1, 5x15, 1x2 2x4, 4x6 stone, etc.). All product categories are manufactured to meet all technical standards such as TCVN, ASHTO and ASTM.

Efforts to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the vast sea
Starting the business with chemical trading from bare hands and substantiating her name with construction and mining businesses, she is still seeking new values. As a young businesswoman, born to a poor family, she always wants to enrich not only herself but also the society and community. Nurturing wish fortitude and witnessing hardships of farmers, uncertainties of agricultural products in the country, she boldly jumped into food business. She founded Nam Chau Son Foods Joint Stock Company (NCS Food brand) with the desire to bridge Vietnamese agricultural products with worldwide consumers and markets.

She has cooperated with production farms and agricultural cooperatives in Dong Nai, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Ba Ria-Vung Tau and southwestern provinces to build organic food sources which meet popular standards such as VietGAP and GlobalGAP to supply domestic and foreign markets. “In addition to linking agricultural households and farms to create organic food sources, Nam Chau Son Foods Joint Stock Company will enter into agreements with local businesses to select highly valued, advantageous agricultural products and create value chains. Reducing intermediaries is a way to bring products of reasonable prices to consumers but still ensure profits for farmers,” she explained.

“We streamline our business stages and reduce business costs to bring highest profits for farmers. Product showrooms are designed in a simple and economical style,” Chau Loan added.

With a farther vision, Chau Loan also set up a member company in Australia to carry out two-way trade and trade agricultural products between the two markets. Nam Chau Son Foods Joint Stock Company has recently imported some products such as fruit and beef from Australia and Russia supply for the Vietnamese market with high quality and reasonable prices. The company will consider exporting some Vietnamese products to Australia and other countries. “Vietnam has very good products but it cannot always export them. To be successful, we must study the market very carefully and have best plans for each season and different time in the year,” she noted.

Knowing that doing agribusiness in the current context of integration is not easy, she still believes that, with her determination and eagerness, she and Nam Chau Son Group will succeed and contribute to the goal of building a sustainable agriculture and creating more value for farmers and the community.

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