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Sonadezi Corporation: Attracted FDI Nears US$9 Billion

Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Successfully developing 12 industrial parks, attracting nearly US$9 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI), investing VND26,925 billion and US$34.619 million in about 100 projects in transport, real estate, environment, port and water supply fields, Sonadezi Corporation has laid an important foundation to become a leading infrastructure business in Vietnam.

1990 marked the beginning of Sonadezi with its pioneering step in real estate field in Dong Nai province. To date, Sonadezi has been a well-known brand name for both history and success and a top-class developer and operator of industrial zone infrastructure in southern Vietnam. The firm has played a significant role in turning Dong Nai province into an industrial hub.

With the aim of creating synchronous industrial zones and favourable investment environments to draw domestic and foreign investors to local their projects, Sonadezi has spared no effort to build their industrial zones in good locations, with complete modern infrastructure. Besides, with simple administrative procedures, professional service attitude and excellent services, Sonadezi has effectively assisted its customers in all stages of investment, from contacting and decision making to project deployment and development.

A representative from Olympus Vietnam Co., Ltd said, “When deciding to invest in Vietnam to manufacture components and assemble lenses for compact digital cameras and laparoscopic devices, Olympus was introduced to Sonadezi Corporation by some Japanese companies operating in Vietnam. After surveys, we signed a land lease contract in Long Thanh Industrial Park owned by Sonadezi. It is a long time since we launched the project in Vietnam, we highly appreciate the support and companionship of Sonadezi Corporation.”

Sharing the same viewpoint as Olympus, Artus Vietnam Company said, “20 years ago when we located the aircraft component project in Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park, with the support of Sonadezi, Artus Vietnam deployed the project smoothly. We highly valued Sonadezi’s efforts to improve service quality and infrastructure facilities and offer favourable conditions for investors. In late 2015, Artus Vietnam signed a contract to buy a factory in Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park and merged it with the existing plant to scale up operations.”

In the past 15 years, from its experience in developing exemplary and modern industrial parks, Sonadezi Corporation has pioneered to develop a new industrial park model, which includes urban and residential areas. Typical examples are Chau Duc Industrial - Urban Area (2,288 ha) in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Long Thanh Industrial Park (488 ha) and Giang Dien Industrial Park (529 ha) in Dong Nai province. These are industrial parks are planned and designed in a modern and synchronous manner and comprised of industrial parks, urban areas and high-quality service zones among other facilities to meet demands for industrial land leasing and accommodations for tenants’ employees and specialists. At present, these three industrial - residential zones have completed their infrastructure systems and attracted investment capital. To date, Long Thanh Industrial Park has leased 84 per cent of rentable space. Chau Duc Industrial - Urban Zone has housed 10 investment projects which rented 163 hectares and Giang Dien Industrial Park has attracted 24 projects with over 120 hectares leased.

Mr Ying Ming Yang, President of Kenda Group, said, “In 2015, after nearly two years of surveying many industrial parks to seek locations for a new factory of Kenda, we have decided to invest US$160 million to build a facility in Giang Dien Industrial Park operated by Sonadezi Corporation. This decision primarily came from our confidence in Dong Nai investment environment and in the prestige of Sonadezi - a leading infrastructure company in Vietnam with great success in developing many industrial parks. Besides, Giang Dien Industrial Park meets Kenda’s requirements and criteria for project location. In particular, it has many favourable conditions for Kenda to attract supporting partners to build their factories near Kenda’s facility in the future to ensure the success of Kenda’s expansion strategy after nearly 20 years of operation in Dong Nai.

While building and developing industrial zones, Sonadezi has focused on delivering industrial park services and investing in environmental protection. Sonadezi Corporation invested in centralised wastewater treatment plants in industrial zones professionally, effectively and efficiently. At present, its wastewater treatment facilities at 12 industrial parks have a total processing capacity of 41,300 cubic metres a day, which cost VND404 billion for construction. In addition, Quang Trung Waste Treatment Site, which cost VND355 billion of investment capital, is a prominent project of Sonadezi Corporation. Covering an area of 130 ha, this is one of the largest and most modern waste treatment projects in Vietnam. At present, it receives and treats waste for about 180 enterprises inside and outside industrial zones.

Phan Dinh Tham, General Director of Sonadezi Corporation, said, “With 12 industrial parks in Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau provinces, Sonadezi has attracted 487 FDI projects with a total registered capital of nearly US$9 billion and 190 domestic direct investment (DDI) projects with VND15,000 billion of investment capital. But, the most important achievement of Sonadezi Corporation is not the number of investment projects or investment value but investment quality. Accordingly, Sonadezi's industrial parks have attracted many world-leading corporations such as Fujitsu, Olympus, CP, Cargill, Sanyo, Shell, Shisheido and Kenda. Sonadezi will continue to selectively attract high-quality FDI projects to play a greater role in the sustainable development of Dong Nai province.”


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