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LOTHAMILK: Towards Genuine Product - Genuine Quality

Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

With an annual output of over 10,000 tonnes of fresh milk, mainly sold in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces and shelved in most supermarkets, commercial centres, retail stores, LOTHAMILK Joint Stock Company earned more than VND320 billion of revenue in 2016. The company has achieved remarkable successes in production and business expansion, and gained customer trust with quality products.

Success from first steps
Over 20 years of construction and development, from a joint venture enterprise with Taiwanese partners, LOTHAMILK started milk production and, from that success, expanded into commercial service and entertainment. “In fact, dairy farming was started in Long Thanh and purchased and processed by An Phuoc Dairy Enterprise more than 40 years ago. But it was not until August 1997 that Long Thanh dairy brand or LOTHAMILK actually boomed, when Dong Nai Dairy Joint Venture officially came into production to produce and process pasteurised fresh milk with modern European technologies, which was built on 48 ha of land on National Highway 51 from Ho Chi Minh City to Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Then, in 2008, Dong Nai Dairy Joint Venture Company was renamed to LOTHAMILK Joint Stock Company with very famous LOTHAMILK fresh milk brands on the market,” said Mr Nguyen Tu Muc, General Director of LOTHAMILK. LOTHAMILK's first products were fresh milk, produced and distributed mainly in its business locations and in Ho Chi Minh City. “Quality makes the name”, LOTHAMILK products not only win the trust of customers but are being actively searched and consumed by customers. Against this backdrop, the company decided to expand its business operations by investing more in automated pasteurised milk production lines as well as distribution channels, supermarkets and stores across the country.

Every LOTHAMILK product has to be experienced a closed process, from raw materials (taken from healthy cows scientifically tended, with high attention to nutritional regimes, water sources, stables, etc.) Fresh milk taken from farm is processed at high temperature with the latest modern equipment. So, most disease-causing microorganisms in the milk, if any, are killed, but flavour, nutrients and vitamins are still retained in the milk. The packing process is also secured and closed.

In addition to quality criteria, to attract customers, LOTHAMILK also pays special attention to differentiation. The company opens stops in the farm for consumers and tourists to explore and purchase LOTHAMILK products. “This plan has achieved more successes than expected. With this optimistic outcome, in the coming time, the company will continue to build more spacious, more modern stops and improve service quality for customers at service points to further promote LOTHAMILK brand,” he added.

Brand name further affirmed
“Fresh milk is a nutritious drink for all ages, but it will be a good environment for bacteria to grow if processed and stored improperly. Because the shelf life of pasteurised milk is only 10 days, preservation is actually very difficult. Therefore, the company is developing a new modern factory to multiply its production capacity, diversify dairy products like yogurt, pasteurised milk, and prolong the shelf life of products in order to reach farther markets in the country and neighbouring countries,” Muc added.

The Ministry of Health used to find many melamine-contaminated powered milk brands which harm human health. This has corroded consumer confidence and negatively affected honest dairy companies. LOTHAMILK was not affected because it produces fresh milk, not powered milk. Besides, LOTHAMILK materials are totally purchased from high-quality farms. According to Vietnam dairy industry development plan to 2020, with an eye to 2025, the domestic fresh milk production will reach 1 billion litres in 2020, meeting 38 per cent of demand, and 1.4 billion litres in 2025, meeting 40 per cent of demand. Particularly, the demand for pasteurised milk (liquid milk made from fresh milk) is rising on consumers’ changing perceptions of nutritious products. However, in reality, the Vietnamese dairy market still has a lot of inadequacies. Lack control of milk names and quality causes consumers to find it hard to distinguish and understand the nature of the milk being sold in the market. Everyday, consumers pay for milk but they cannot distinguish from milk powder or fresh milk, let alone milk purity and quality assurance. With the business motto “Consumer health is the foundation of the company’s development”, LOTHAMILK will always produce quality products to be trustworthy choices of customers. “At present, I also want to obtain the certification of LOTHAMILK fresh milk and verify correct ingredient tests to introduce genuine product of genuine quality onto the market,” he said.

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