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Cargo Management and Supervision Scheme at Airports to Be Deployed in Oct

Posted: Monday, July 17, 2017

In a bid to inform enterprises of the implementation plan for the project on managing and supervising goods at airports, the General Department of Vietnam Customs hosted a conference to introduce deployment plans, problems and technical solutions of the project on July 4. Attending the meeting included 40 warehousing and yard companies and airlines.

The project deployment aims to simplify and harmonise customs procedures with warehousing, yard, airport and seaport procedures and clearance related parties by applying a centralised information technology system to exchange and update information with port and warehouse operators, helping them closely and timely monitor the mobility, development and status of goods from import to export and transportation among locations under the supervision of customs authorities. This will reduce the time and expense of customs declarants, while strengthening customs authorities’ roles in inspecting, controlling, supervising and improving compliance of enterprises, preventing commercial fraud, smuggling and ensuring national security.

According to the plan, the information system supporting cargo management and supervision at airports will be piloted at the Hanoi Customs Department in October 2017. To help businesses to understand the model, the Information Technology and Customs Statistics Department also presented issues and technical solutions to implement the cargo management and control system at airports. Stakeholders include customs authorities, warehouse and yard operators, airlines, airline agents, importers, exporters, forwarding agents, customs agents and others.

IT system solutions specifically include the deployment of a centralised information technology system for information exchange between customs offices and airport warehouse operators and related parties through the National Single Window (NSW) aimed to address three issues: Managing and supervising goods at customs-supervised locations; supervising the movement of goods between locations subject to customs supervision; and support for customs management. Risk management will be applied throughout these processes to identify entities to be subjected to further inspection, thus enhancing the compliance of enterprises.


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