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Tien Phong Plastic: Strong Outreach in Integration

Posted: Friday, July 21, 2017

In the context of Vietnam's deeper integration into the world economy, Vietnamese businesses have facing intense competition pressures, and Tien Phong Plastic is no exception. But, with a tradition built up over more than half a century of construction and development, plus the dynamism and innovation of the management, Tien Phong Plastic has always affirmed its No. 1 brand position in the Vietnamese plastic pipe industry, as evidenced by the many awards and titles granted it by the Party and State, and gradually reached out into international markets.

In 2016, the plastic pipe industry witnessed the participation and expansion of many new domestic brands. Particularly when Vietnam entered into bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, rivals from Europe and from the region (especially Thailand) triggered great market pressures. But Tien Phong Plastic had strong growth in revenue and profit in the year. The company’s revenue reached VND4,354.1 billion, 12 per cent higher than the target approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders and 22.4 per cent higher than that in 2015. This was also the highest-ever revenue of Tien Phong Plastic.

Continuing its success in 2016, Tien Phong Plastic achieved many breakthroughs in all areas in the first months of 2017. The firm reported sales of VND1,035 billion in the first quarter, up 28 per cent year on year, and a pre-tax profit of VND100 billion, up 9 per cent. Mr Tran Ba Phuc, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tien Phong Plastic, said, “As the plastic pipe market has more new players, to survive and develop, Tien Phong Plastic has to continuously conduct research on equipment and technological renovations, invest in new production lines to meet market demand, and ensure high competitiveness to affirm its name as a top plastic pipe manufacturer in Vietnam. In 2016, the company put into operation VND150-billion HDPE DN 2000 and HDPE/PP double-layer pipe production lines, powered by European technologies, to turn out pipes for the construction and water supply and drainage industries. This is one of eight lines that can produce HDPE pipes with a diameter of 2,000 mm in the world. Tien Phong Plastic is the first company in Vietnam and Asia to invest in this line.”

Together with that, the company introduced many new technically improved products to increase lifetime, reduce costs and bring clear effects to consumers with highly trusted products like M-PVC pipes; PP/HDPE double-layer pipes and UV-shielded PPR double-layer pipes, PVC door bars. Tien Phong Plastic always applies flexible sales policies and incentive policies in its nationwide distribution system.

With its continuous technological innovation and product quality improvement, uPVC, PEHD and PPR plastic pipes used in civil, industrial and agricultural construction have quickly dominated the domestic market. Many product lines of the company are unique, superior and competitive, especially uPVC plastic pipes with dozens of sizes and hundreds of types of fittings and accessories. This explains why Tien Phong Plastic has still stood firm and kept developing in the context of fierce competition. Tien Phong Plastic was one of 88 companies in the country to be awarded the Vietnam Value 2016, the recognition of being a national brand name.

In 2017, Tien Phong Plastic invested more than VND100 billion to purchase machinery and equipment for production lines to make PVC, HDPE and PPR pipes; PVC and PPR pipe fittings. It also invested in testing and quality controlling equipment and production lines to manufacture M- PVC DN 110- DN 355 pipes, PPR DN 20- DN 63 pipes, power-cable pipes and water pipes. The firm also installed moulding machines of 650 tonnes, 350 tonnes and 250 tonnes; resin dryers, PPR fitting packaging machines, and HDPE pipe weld ultrasonic testers. In 2016, Tien Phong Plastic built new factories on its expanded land area in Duong Kinh district, Hai Phong City. And, by the end of 2017, it will relocate the Factory 5 - which makes HDPE and PPR pipes - to this new facility. Thus, by the end of 2017, the company will have five production plants, with two in Hai Phong, the rest in Nghe An province, Binh Duong province and Vientiane City (Laos). The total production capacity of the five factories is about 120,000 tonnes per year. This will allow the company to meet big orders from customers. Tien Phong Plastic is ready for a new development stage and gradually realising its goal of becoming a leading plastics supplier in Southeast Asia.

Those successes come from loyal customers, and shareholders' trust in the Board of Directors. After each shareholder meeting, shareholders always believe that adopted resolutions will be always seriously and effectively executed. Moreover, creativity is always respected and appreciated at Tien Phong Plastic. Every year, the concern spends billions of Vietnamese dong to reward employees with new technical innovations. This motivates them to have more new technical innovations for the company.

Throughout more than half a century of construction and development, Tien Phong Plastic always excellently accomplishes all tasks entrusted by the Party and the State to assert its position and reputation as a leading light of Vietnam's plastics industry. In recognition of those results, Tien Phong Plastic was awarded dozens of national and international awards such as National Quality Award, Asia - Pacific Quality Award, Vietnam Gold Star Award, Top 20 Famous ASEAN Brand Award, Top 10 Golden Product and Service in Integration Award, gold medals at international trade fairs, and Vietnam High-quality Goods Award, among others. Especially, Tien Phong Plastic was conferred the title “Labour Hero in the renovation period”, decorated with the Third and Second-grade Independence Order, emulation flags from the Government and certificates of merit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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