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TBS Group Bringing Jobs to Rural Workers

Posted: Monday, July 24, 2017

From now to the year 2020, TBS Group will expand the production complex zone in the Southwest region including Kien Giang - An Giang Province which providing jobs for nearly 20.000 workers in the area.

This plan is in the strategic orientation of TBS Group which is actively moving factories to the countryside to attract labor resources there. 

This trend will help TBS have a more stable labor workforce; at the same time, it deals with the situation of increasing labor costs and labor shortages in the industrial zone in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai,and the surrounding areas. 

TBS is a large enterprise in the industry of leather shoes and handbags, with recruitment needs by the year 2020 reaching up to 45.000 employees. As TBS integrates more deeply into the global value chain, the company working on solutions to increased production costs competition and maintaining stable growth. Therefore, choosing the solution to bring jobs to where the workers live is a sustainable and long term strategy for TBS group.

One uneasy step

Positively response to the State’s policy which is "leaving agriculture, not homeland", TBS Group has gradually implemented and understood the inevitable difficulties in this investment orientation.

Some main difficulties are listed clearly in the investment costs balance sheet, such as transport costs will increase highly as the area have no international port yet; Most of laborers have no knowledge about products, not yet aware of the industrial style, will increase training costs; as well as labor productivity in this area is also lower; and incur expenses for reinforcing foundations before constructing ...

And many other difficulties, but with a long-term vision and a strong determination, TBS Board of Directors have accepted difficulties in the early stage and encouraged staffs accompany with the company.

According to this plan, these complex factories zone when being put into operation can help TBS Group increase its production capacity of shoes and handbags as well as creating balance with auxiliary products for the industry.

Solving difficult ties in training and recruitment

Deeply participating in global supply chains, TBS Group continues to research, develop, and produce luxury fashion items, bringing added value and responsiveness to the rigorous quality demands of partners. 

As being one of the Vietnamese enterprises which places a priority on recruiting Vietnamese experts and technicians in the field of research and product development, so that training and recruitment is the top goal of TBS Group.

According to this production shift plan, TBS needs to quickly prepare enough human resources such as managers, technical specialists, and local workers being trained well enough to achieve timely production plan in this year. However, the training of a huge workforce without knowledge about the industry or products, as well as attracting local staff and experienced experts returning to their home provinces from the city to work for TBS Group is a big challenge for recruitment teams. The solution of TBS is to transfer and support staffs who have homes in the western area, and convince them to come back there to work in order that they will become the core staff in management, training, and development of production resources in the factory. 

In addition, TBS also welcome students from universities, colleges, and vocational centers who have aspirations of working near their hometown, helping them to have the opportunity to work and train in the TBS professional environment while maintaining quality family life.

Mr. Phan Van Phuong, Director of development of human resources of the TBS Group says: "We’re only contending with the ones in the top so that we’ll have the opportunity to rise to the top. We are also racing against the FDI companies who are in the same manufacturing sector with our company. Identify that, the important factor to win is our human resources. TBS has a number of funding programs focused on higher education scholarships for universities such as the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (U.E.H.), Vietnam-Germany University, and International University. Our upcoming expansion is to add funding for students of technical universities in Ho Chi Minh City & students in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (H.U.T.) and a number of universities in the West. Additionally, we are also participating in joint training exercises for students with universities so that after graduation, they can use their knowledge and apply it in practice, creating added value for the company and for society - investment in education is an investment for the future."

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