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Investing in Market Development - Human Activity of Sao Mai Group

Posted: Monday, July 31, 2017

While many residential projects aim only at making profit and forget the basic elements in planning, such as market-road-school, etc, Sao Mai Group has spent tens of thousands of square metres investing in market. Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 Market at Sao Mai Binh Khanh Luxury Urban Area is designed not only to serve people's shopping needs, but also create jobs for hundreds of small traders. This is a human activity that Sao Mai Corporation brings to the community.

Good investment
With the view of doing business and urban development being associated with community benefits, in the chain of Sao Mai Binh Khanh Luxury Urban Area, Sao Mai Corporation has spent more than VND19 billion building a market of 10,000 m2 with nearly 400 kiosks for hundreds of small traders in the vicinity. Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 market, the most beautiful market in the Mekong Delta, is considered a point of trade links for local residents. After nearly a year of operation, this market has still retained its human meaning and earned trust of traders and consumers.

Mr Dao Van Ngoc, Vice Chairman of Long Xuyen People's Committee said, "The chain of high-grade urban areas Sao Mai-Binh Khanh is like the new western Long Xuyen city. The place has gathered more than 10,000 households, mostly those with high income. It has a prime location, hustling commercial activities, young rhythm, getting better off day by day."

Sao Mai Corporation has greatly contributed to changing the used-to-be wild area into the most vibrant and flourishing urban area of Long Xuyen city. Binh Khanh, My Khanh and Binh Duc used to be suburban poor and difficult areas, but now they have risen “top-class” areas with rapid economic development. Complete infrastructure of market - road - school - station has leveraged the prosperity of the new urban area.

Its modern urban planning and sophisticated architectural style reflect the vision of the investor for the future development of the whole city of Long Xuyen 50 years later. Of which, Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 Market is considered the core area of commercial convergence of nearby residents and serves the daily life of the community of modern urban areas.

Act right, firm belief
The pace of urban and market development will depend on the macroeconomic status of the locality. Only a slight change in bank interest rates or adjustments to urban planning will affect real estate trading. However, this is also the initial success of Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 market, which has had a prosperous period in the post-crisis period.

In the digital age, online commerce is tending to overwhelm traditional commerce. The virtual bazaar on the social network is growing rapidly, making small traders in traditional markets and supermarkets have many difficulties in terms of purchasing power. This situation forces manufacturers, enterprises to change development tactics. Rotating or changing habits of those who are used to shopping in the old market is not in one or two days. But we still believe in good things because small traders still stick to the market. Over 10,000 households in the chain of Sao Mai-Binh Khanh area still choose Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 market for their daily shopping," said Le Van Thanh, Director of Sao Mai An Giang Trade Co., Ltd.

As a rule, market development is coupled with urban development t. At present, Sao Mai Group is urgently implementing project No. 4 to expand the chain of Sao Mai-Binh Khanh high-grade urban area, continuing to affirm the durable value of a modern urban area. All will be the reasons and prerequisites for the market Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5 continue to flourish as initially expected.

There is a paradox between the market places in Long Xuyen city. While the age-old markets are becoming increasingly overloaded and facing problems of environmental sanitation, food safety and hygiene, high fire risk, traffic safety and urban order and infrastructure degradation, the private newly invested markets are less likely to receive due attention of local authorities. Sao Mai Corporation has demonstrated its high social responsibility, along with the leaders of the city, the people of Long Xuyen to build the Sao Mai-Binh Khanh 5, which contributes significantly to improving the lives of residents. Sao Mai Corporation spent more than 10 billion VND carrying out successful campaign "trigger market" with many practical programmes for traders and customers. However, the cooperation of the local government is limited, this is the concern of the investor.

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