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Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd Affirming Vietnam Rice Position in the World

Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Today, with the concentrated rice production based on industrial methods and very effective cooperation efforts of the State, scientists, farmers and enterprises in the construction of geographical indications in rice production and consumption, Soc Trang province has secured its foothold in global rice markets. This success is a result of the significant contributions of rice producers, traders, processors and exporters like Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd.

Success from intensive investment efforts
Advantageously situated in the Mekong Delta - the largest granary of Vietnam and in Soc Trang province - the leading producer of specialty rice, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd holds a plenty of advantages in developing organic farming areas to ensure stable inputs. To be more active in production and business operations and control commodity quality, since its inception, the firm has defined that building input supply sources is one of core activities. With the support of the local government and farming cooperatives, the company has signed rice consumption contracts with farmers at negotiated prices and gradually built the trust of farmers in the light of the operating motto of mutual interests.

According to farmers who produce aromatic rice in Tran De district, with the consumption contracts signed with Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd, they are happy to expand the RVT specialty rice area. Previously, they always felt uneasy because of very volatile prices of fragrant rice. To assure farmers, Thanh Tin agrees with farmers on price terms in their contracts. Accordingly, the company pledges to buy rice at the price signed in the contracts with farmers regardless of how much the price drops. As a result, farmers' incomes become more stable and their livelihoods are improved significantly.

With a self-contained production process from field and cooperation with different farms, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd can supply a variety of rice from premium high (fragrant rice) to medium quality and raw quality rice with 5 per cent, 10 per cent, 15 per cent and 25 per cent broken as well as rice by-products such as bran and husk pellets. To offer organic, delicious rice to customers, apart from the stable source of organic materials, the company also boldly promotes the application of modern scientific and technological progresses to production. Thanh Tin rice processing plant is equipped with the most modern technological lines in Vietnam with a daily processing capacity of 720 tonnes. The production process is self-contained from the stage of rice inputting to the stages of drying, milling, polishing, packaging and finishing. The rice drying system is featured with two simultaneous technologies: circulating tower dryer and flat-bed dryer with a daily capacity of 1.500 tonnes of rice. To utilise rice by-products, the company invested husk squeezing lines to produce firewood from rice husk with a daily output capacity of 100 tonnes which are supplied to enterprises in industrial zones. With this method, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd creates another source of income on the one hand and effectively treat waste to protect the environment on the other.

Besides, to keep rice in good conditions, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd has built a warehouse system of 100,000 tonnes powered by modern equipment and technology of national standards. The facility was chosen by the Government of Vietnam to be a chain in a storage system in the Mekong Delta capable of storing four million tonnes of rice. With a large and synchronous warehouse, the company has been active in purchasing rice at the time of harvesting and processing it for delivery to customers as per contracts.

Enhancing rice added values
With the well-prepared and meticulous investment, continuous scale expansion and better corporate governance and good quality management, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd has successfully established the Thanh Tin rice brand name, widely chosen and trusted consumers. In the domestic market, Thanh Tin rice is present in most localities. Especially in Soc Trang province, the company has successfully founded a chain of retail stores in all districts and cities. It is expanding this prospective model.

Not only securing the reputation in the domestic market, Thanh Tin rice is also exported to many markets in the world such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the Philippines with a rising year-after-year export earnings. In particular, at the end of 2016, Thanh Tin was delighted to know that it was listed among 22 rice producers and traders qualified for exporting rice to China. Director Tran Thanh Nga said, China is Vietnam's main rice importer and it accounts for 35 per cent of the country's rice exports. Being able to export rice to China will open up new opportunities for businesses and farmers alike as the output market for rice is wider. Prices are likely to be more stable.

She said, to have the today success, one of the important tasks that Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd has focally done is building a strong relationship with customers on the basis of superior product quality and effective satisfaction of customers' needs. This is also an operating criterion that the company defined from the beginning. Specially, Thanh Tin always seeks to learn new know-how, upgrade technology and equipment and invest in market research. The firm also manages production processes with strict international standards to ensure food hygiene and safety and environmental sanitation. On the other hand, the frequently upgraded and modernised machinery and equipment system and professional workforce also help Thanh Tin rice to sharpen its competitive edge on the market. And, with the combination of these competitive advantages, the quick success of Thanh Tin rice brand on the international arena is somewhat certain.

In its long-term development goals, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd will focus on intensive development, pay high attention to increasing added values for Vietnamese rice in general and Soc Trang rice in particular to triumph over rivals in the ASEAN market in the present time and in the long term. To achieve this strategic step, the firm has invested in rice farming areas with various varieties to serve noodle, flour and cake production in Soc Trang City. With the desire to raise added values for rice, the company is also promoting the construction of rice processing facilities.

With its well-established brand reputation in the rice industry, strong financial capacity, modern management system, professional employees and valuable supports of the Soc Trang provincial government, Thanh Tin Service and Trade Co., Ltd will move faster and further, realising its all goals, and confidently rising to become a strong pillar of the Vietnamese rice industry.

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