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Dow Develops Leaders While Addressing World Challenges

Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of DowDuPont (NYSE:DWDP) kicks off its fifth annual Leadership in Action (LIA) program. In 2017, 43 employees from across the globe are collaborating with six strategic non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and universities in Hanoi and Hai Phong, Vietnam to address issues related to water quality and access, environmental cleanup, education and career readiness.

This year’s projects also include a special partnership with Ocean Conservancy to research and recommend waste solutions for non-biodegradable rural waste and to raise awareness of opportunities for the improvement of rural waste management issues globally. As part of this year’s program, Dow LIA, Ocean Conservancy and Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) are teaming up on International Coastal Cleanup Day to help clean Vietnam’s coastlines. Additionally, Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business remains a key collaborator in continuing the Company’s commitment to combat marine plastic through its 30-year partnership with Ocean Conservancy – identifying main sources of marine debris and donating resources for the cause such as plastic trash bags made from 100 percent recycled barrier film scrap and Dow RETAIN™ modifiers that are being used to clean up beaches during the International Coastal Cleanup.

Mr. Sasama Tomoyuki, General Director, Dow Vietnam shared about the meaning of six projects in Leadership in Action 2017 program

“At Dow we know that we do well when we do good. We pursue game-changing collaboration opportunities to set a higher bar for social and environmental progress. We aim to advance the well-being of humanity by helping lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society,” said Andrew Liveris, executive chairman of DowDuPont. “Leadership in Action is a key example of how we use our top talent, our skills, our expertise and our science as the bridge between ideas to application, and possibility to progress.”

Green Growth/Green Economy Education project with Vietnam National University - University of Economics and Business
This year’s selected projects directly align to local needs defined through close partnership with various public sector groups. After five months of virtual consulting, employees will spend one week in country as the pinnacle of their collaboration on the following local solutions:

- Reducing environmental engineering program and industry gaps to support graduates to easily get jobs in both local and domestic companies without further training courses.

- Revising university curricula and developing new subjects relating to green growth and sustainable development.

- Restoring and protecting the ecosystem of West Lake aided by the development of a comprehensive baseline database for West Lake’s depth, water quality, ecosystem health and water pollution sources.

- Encouraging greater participation of local people in the citizen science model in water resources monitoring; ultimately receiving greater and more accurate data to better inform the local government and future policy as well as to better address pollution and flood issues, along with disaster preparations.

- Creating sustainable solutions for rural waste reduction in partnership with Ocean Conservancy.

- Enhancing university training capacity on soft skills in an effort to increase student career readiness through the development of short courses on leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills that boost student confidence and English skills.

“Dow has been contributing to Vietnam’s industrial growth by bringing a wide range of advanced products to various manufacturing industries over the last 22 years. The Leadership in Action program further affirms our long-term commitment to the country on its sustainable development. The six projects will address pressing challenges in the country, and contribute to the betterment of the Vietnamese community,” said Sasama Tomoyuki, General Director of Dow Vietnam LLC.

To date, LIA has engaged 202 employees who have worked with 35 NGOs to benefit communities in the Philippines, Ghana, Ethiopia and Indonesia. For Dow, the benefits of these projects intersect its global citizenship, sustainability, business and employee development efforts.


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