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Efforts to Realise Investment and Development Opportunities

Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

With the aim of promoting Nghe An investment environment to attract more enterprises and investors to invest in the VSIP Nghe An, the People's Committee of Nghe An province, VSIP Nghe An Integrated Township and Industrial Park, and the VSIP Nghe An Co., Ltd co-organised the investment promotion conference in Nghe An, with the theme "Nghe An – opportunities for your business growth". The conference drew the participation of more than 400 domestic and foreign enterprises.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Vice Chairman Le Ngoc Hoa of the People's Committee of Nghe An province introduced to investors the potential of economic development to attract investment, such as, geographical location, land potential, complete infrastructure system (road, railway, aviation and seaport connected internationally), and abundant labour resources. And the Southeastern Nghe Economic Zone (EZ) is one of the 12 coastal economic zones of the country. The EZ has a total area of 20,776.47 hectares, including the existing area of 20,026.47 hectares and 750 hectares of VSIP Industrial, Urban and Service Complex. Besides, advantages of favourable location, synchronous infrastructure, diversified services and facilities, the investors of the Southeastern Nghe An Economic Zone are also entitled to the highest preferential policies of the Vietnam Government. With its geo-strategic role and location, the Southeastern Economic Zone is expected to be the "nucleus" for attracting key investment projects and strategic investors to Nghe An and creating new momentum to promote the strong growth of the province in the coming time.

On behalf of the provincial government of Nghe An, Vice Chairman Le Ngoc Hoa urged businesses and investors to explore investment opportunities in Nghe An. He committed to executing preferential policies and creating the most favourable conditions for businesses investing in the province.

Regarding the VSIP Industrial, Urban and Service Complex Project, Mr Hoa said that this is the largest project invested in Nghe An, drawing the attention of provincial leaders. "The VSIP is a major corporation that we always want to invite to the province because it will help attract many other investors to Nghe An". Through the VSIP, Nghe An authorities are ready to provide investors with the most necessary information when they decide to invest in any area in the province. Especially, through channels such as the Department of Planning and Investment, and Investment Promotion Centre, the enterprises will be supported specifically and promptly", said Mr Hoa.

According to Mr Nguyen Chi Toan, Director of Marketing, VSIP South and Central, besides the available advantages of the large land and abundant labour force through training, the investment environment in Nghe An appeals the investors thanks to open mind and leadership of the provincial government. Mr Toan said the investment and development opportunities in Nghe An have always been realised by practical actions of the provincial leaders and departments in the province. This effort dramatically improves the investment climate. The spirit of readiness of supporting for business and investors and creating favourable conditions for investors will attract more investors to the province.

Sharing the investment experience in Nghe An, Mr David John Whitehead, Chairman of Mavin Group, said before investing in any locality, Mavin conducted surveys on different factors like geographic location, human resources, market, investment incentive policy, the transparency of the investment environment and finally, the care and support of the provincial government. "Nghe An meets all the important factors that the Mavin Group requires and we are really pleased to invest in Nghe An. That is why we have decided to invest in four separate projects in Nghe An, with a total investment of about US$80 million. Other investors should choose Nghe An as an investment destination because it not only owns a favourable location, a uniform infrastructure system, abundant human resources and an incentive system, but also a very high spirit among provincial leaders who are looking forward to supporting investors," said David John Whitehead.

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