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For Sustainable, Prosperous APEC Community

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Chile was one of the first South American countries to join the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1994, and in 2019 Chile will be the host of this premier forum. Our reporter has an interview with Chilean Ambassador to Vietnam Claudio Anderes De Negri Quintana to learn more about this. Anh Phuong reports.

How do you assess cooperation prospects among APEC member economies?
For us, cooperation prospects among APEC members are very optimistic. Cooperation is an objective need for all countries in the region, becomes a key pillar of APEC, and has particular importance in the current international context.

Chile attaches much importance to the Asia-Pacific region and considers it important to promote free trade among regional economies, for economic growth and for sustainable and inclusive development. That is the answer to challenges that globalisation is putting in place.

We highly value our relationship with the Asia-Pacific region, where there are markets very important to all of us and tremendous opportunities to work together for common goals. Agreements that Chile has signed with Asia-Pacific countries are always in the framework of APEC.

In addition to developing our trade relations, Chile promotes cooperation with other member economies in such areas as leading innovation, addressing energy crisis and global warming, moving towards a high quality education, eradicating poverty and other issues; it will be very difficult for us to face these separately.
Currently, we are also aiming for those goals with Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). In addition, we have initiated the exchange of views and experiences with MERCOSUR (South American common market).

Chile hosted the APEC Summit in 2004 and it will play host in 2019 again. So, could you please share your experiences and recommendations with Vietnam in order to strengthen the cohesion of APEC member economies?
The 2004 APEC Summit, themed “One Community, our Future”, gave Chile an excellent opportunity to introduce to the international community its achievements, traditions and aspirations, develop relationships and create new strides in cooperation with APEC members in economy, culture and academia.
Chile became a trusted partner and received significant impetus for developing trade agreements with the Asia-Pacific region, and it is continuing now.
Internally, this event raised Chilean people's understanding of their ability to work with other APEC economies, as well as the importance of expressing Chile as a bridge between Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Chile will have the honour of hosting the APEC Summit in 2019. Again, this will be a valuable opportunity to continue the common efforts of APEC economies to address the challenges that are set to seek a comprehensive development.

Do you think the goal of trade liberalisation in the Asia-Pacific is a common concern among APEC member economies?
Chile has taken important steps for the benefit of trade liberalisation. Chile signed trade agreements with 64 markets, promoted trade liberalisation and other initiatives with the entire Asia-Pacific region, and rejected protectionism.

Our country seeks to access new markets; enhance connectivity with other economies to increase the value of products and services, diversify exports and create opportunities for emerging producers.

These issues have been raised in various APEC conferences, all of which are related to trade liberalisation, and we think they are welcomed.

At present, the much-expected Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has greatly reduced its attractiveness without the United States - the world's largest economy. So, can the APEC cooperation framework be an alternative to TPP?
Besides the specific issue announced by US President Donald Trump, Chile shares the belief that further liberalisation of trade within APEC economies is needed and also stresses that the most desirable outcome is the inclusion of the United States.

Chile has always expressed its will to agree on a new instrument based on TPP regulations, and believed that the doors must always be open to the combination of all economies in the Asia-Pacific region. That will bring the best outcome for this initiative.

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