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Flamingo Dai Lai Resort: World-acclaimed Resort in Vietnam

Posted: Monday, October 02, 2017

Located in the semi-mountainous region of northern Vietnam, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is internationally known as an eco-resort with beautiful natural landscape, unique green architecture, classy service and artistic amenities. The nature and human-centred sound and sustainable investment has brought 29 prestigious domestic and international prizes to Flamingo.

Green resort by the side of Hanoi
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, only 45km from the heart of Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, is located in Phuc Yen district, Vinh Phuc province, on in the axis of economic, political and social development between Hanoi and the Northeast. The resort has a very convenient access to highways, especially Trans-Asia Highway and lies only 15 km from Noi Bai International Airport. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is the first choice for short stays of 9 million inhabitants of Hanoi and surrounding areas.

In pursuit of perfection and elegance, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is planned and designed to as a high-class ecological resort complex with world-class services and amenities, including Opera Hall, 5 unique restaurants, sports and fitness clubs, Flamingo Golf Club, Yacht Club, and Spa & Beauty Complex.

This place also gathers tourism potential to bring a perfect holiday and combines with other places of interest to offer indigenous culture discovery tours like Tam Dao National Park, Tay Thien Truc Lam Monastery, Huong Canh pottery village, and unique cultures of ethnic minorities.

Pioneer in green architecture in Vietnam
Nestled by the side of Dai Lai Lake, the resort has an extremely large area of over 1.23 million square meters, covering four peninsulas, two islands, 10 forests, 5 hills, and 5 million square metres of water surface. From Dai Lai Lake, you can see green forests far away intertwined natural valleys, bowl-shaped sloping hills and peninsulas with wild beauty and cool climate.

According to the philosophy of “living luxuriously among nature,” the construction density occupies only 9 per cent of the resort area, while 60 per cent of space is for artistic landscaping. Flamingo Villas always have perfect locations. The villas are built with environment-friendly natural materials, powered by advanced green roofing technology, green walls, gardens and other amenities to bring nature into the living space.

Lifting the green architecture to a new height, Forest In The Sky is situated at the entrance to the resort - a building covered by 50,000 trees has become an architectural spirit here, which has won five EDGE International Awards for Green and Energy-efficient Buildings by IFC, a member of the World Bank (WB) and the Impressive Property Award 2017 at the International Property Awards Competition.

Not only living green but also living emotional, in May 2017, Flamingo Group officially announced plans to build “Flamingo Lux Rose Kingdom” - the first kingdom of roses in Vietnam with a total investment value of VND500 billion. In addition to indigenous roses from all over Vietnam, Flamingo also built a 5-ha nursery with the Rose Research and Development Centre to study and propagate famous rose varieties of the world. Many outstanding works will be built until 2020 such as 500 Rose villas, the Forest In The Sky with 188 hanging gardens, 5,000-square metre Rose Sky Park, 5-km Rose Sky Walk, Rose Island, Rose Museum, Rose Forest and others.

Art in the forest
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is the only resort to use its profits to reinvest for the community with national level art masterpieces. In October 2015, the “Art In The Forest” project was launched with broad public attention and made the largest annual art event at Flamingo, voted Top 5 Vietnamese art events in 2016. Art In The Forest brings together leading Vietnamese and international artists in various fields to facilitate the development of true art projects.

After two years, more than 20 sculpture masterpiece complexes have merged into a vast natural landscape that creates an impressive visual landscape. Art In The Forest has demonstrated the great power of art in conveying humanistic philosophies of life and people, revitalising the soul of a artistic land. Along with sculpture, painting and music are also the focuses of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in this project.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort crosses beyond the border of Vietnam to assert itself on the international arena with 29 prestigious architectural and resort awards such as the Top 10 Most Beautiful Resorts in the World by Design Boom Architectural Magazine, four International Property Awards 2016, six International Property Awards 2017 (Impressive Property, Unique and Outstanding Resort Architecture, Best Landscape Architecture, Leading Resort Development, and Impressive Office Architecture).

Flamingo Group, the investor of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, has over 20 years of experience in travel, vacation, restaurant, hotel, resort, real estate, architecture and landscape. Its brands include Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Hanoi Redtours, Cat Ba Beach Resort, Cong Vien Nho Park restaurant and dozens of blueprint projects in many localities.
For more information about Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, please contact:
- Address: Ngoc Quang, Ngoc Thanh, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc
- Hotline: 0988 00 23 23
- Website:

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