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HR Strategy: Key to SASCO's Sustainable Development

Posted: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Against the backdrop of globalisation and technological leaps, Vietnam is witnessing a dramatic shift in the labour market. Vietnam is losing its competitive edge of low-price, low-quality human capital as it approaches knowledge economy achievements, and it may even hinder a company's pace of progress in the life-and-death era of integration. Meanwhile, sustainable human resources (featured by high quality and stability) are considered the key to corporate competitiveness and sustainability. So, how to recruit and retain talent before attempting invitations from foreign businesses and how to create an environment for them to work their best are difficult challenges that giant Vietnamese companies must solve if they want to maintain sustained double-digit growth.

Regarded as an industry leader with very effective human resources development strategy, Southern Airports Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO) has been successful in building up high-quality, sustainable core human resources. Taking personnel as the core of all activities, a competitive strength of the company, SASCO develops a competitive treatment policy and attracts foreign experts, senior staff having studied and worked in foreign nations and young enthusiastic employees driven by ambition to grow with the airport services sector of Vietnam. SASCO offers special treatment for talented recruits; however, more importantly it provides opportunities for them to be better, gain their trust and inspire them to devote themselves and gain respect and recognition of the company and colleagues.

The talent development programme at SASCO is integrated into regular training courses designed to cultivate and improve skills and expertise for current employees and future generations. All employees understand that participating in training programmes is both a privilege and a responsibility for building a sustainable SASCO. Madam Doan Thi Mai Huong, CEO of SASCO, said, “We seek talents outside but never make light of internal talents nurturing. Indeed, they understand the corporate culture and have dedication and commitment. We only need to have effective policies and mechanisms to detect, train and improve their professional skills; they will create tremendous synergy for the company. And, one humanitarian value of the SASCO human resources policy that we always aim for is developing the competence and raising the value of each and every employee.”

Upholding the importance of building a shared and committed corporate culture for employees is a remarkable feature of SASCO's human resource development model. At SASCO, the spirit of solidarity and democracy has come to be identified with the company. The company creates favourable conditions for all employees to work at their highest capacity and bring the highest satisfaction to customers.

Achievements of right human resources investment
As for human resources, each company has its own different solutions which will bring in corresponding results. Last year, SASCO served more than 15.5 million passengers and earned a gross profit of VND233.9 billion, making its gross profit margin grow from 37.1 per cent to 42.5 per cent. This growth was the most impressive since SASCO listed its shares on UPCoM. 2016 was the 10th straight year SASCO was ranked among the Top 500 largest companies in Vietnam. SASCO's current position on the market is built from the collective strength of 1,300 employees who are well-qualified, united and committed to pursuing the company’s mission.

CEO Doan Thi Mai Huong said, “Our achievements are accrued from the success of skilful, hard-working and devoted employees. SASCO trusts and prides itself on its invaluable human assets. Particularly, I am personally happy and have the honour to work daily with my partners and colleagues who have great love for SASCO, where they build a family of SASCOers. Each and every employee sees the development and success of the company as their own success and honour.

2016 was the 10th consecutive year SASCO was ranked among the Top 500 Vietnam Companies (VNR500) by revenue and Top Vietnam Brand. The company was certified to carry the Vietnam Value logo, a symbol that proves that SASCO is included in the government-backed National Brand Programme. SASCO was also named the Top 10 Sustainable Businesses in the service sector. Attaining high achievements is the recognition of authorities and the society of SASCO’s contributions to the economy and community. This also helps SASCO affirm its position and enhance its competitiveness in the context of international economic integration.


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