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Fostering and Deepening Vietnam-Canada Relationship

Posted: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

“Canada has been a big partner of Vietnam for over 40 years. The bilateral relationship covers many aspects. In trade, in the latest two years, Vietnam has become Canada's largest partner in ASEAN, with a two-way trade value of more than US$5.5 billion in 2016. The number of Vietnamese students is growing in Canada and they are enjoying a world-class education system. Safe, clean Canadian cities are open and caring to all,” said Madam Ping Kitnikone, Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam. Lan Anh reports.

As a key economy in APEC, what do you think about opportunities for business and investment cooperation between Vietnam and Canada?
This year is the Year of APEC 2017. Canada and Vietnam have great potential for bilateral cooperation. Canada has always supported the APEC Secretariat to weigh the priorities of the two countries' relations, especially when Vietnam serves as the host economy of APEC 2017.

Both Vietnam and Canada share the same interests in many topics, for example, how to increase labour productivity, how to ensure sustainable agricultural development and develop tourism. We are also very supportive of women’s economic empowerment, which is also a content of increasing labour productivity.

At the end of July 2017, Canada hosted the ABAC Meeting in Toronto, co-chaired by the Ontario government, the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada (ATFC), and the Canadian Department of Global Affairs.

Canada is assisting the APEC Secretariat to study small and micro enterprises, conducted by ATFC. ATFC will host a conference on SMEs in Ho Chi Minh City in September.

What role does APEC play in shaping Canadian foreign policies?
To look at the larger picture, APEC has always been an important forum, not only for us but for all 21 member economies. In the economic sphere, Canada has at all times supported the multilateral trading system, i.e. the open trading system.

In a recent speech, the Canadian Trade Minister also affirmed that Canada is ready to continue to support the multilateral trading system - the open trading system.

Given the active nature of APEC, we believe that this will be an opportunity for the two countries to cooperate and bring Canadian experts to support Vietnam and promote closer cooperation.

Would you please talk about Vietnam-Canada cooperation plans in the coming time?
In the past year, Canada has strengthened its development cooperation in the priority areas of Vietnam, with recently announced projects including a CAD15.3 million food safety project, a CAD15 million SME project in response to climate change, and CAD200 million in aid via the Asian Development Bank to encourage the private sector to mitigate impacts and adapt to climate change in Asia and the Pacific.

Also in the past year, Canada sent more high-level delegation exchanges to Vietnam, including former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dion and Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food MacAuley. Most recently, Minister of International Trade Champagne attended the APEC Trade Ministers Meeting in May 2017 and plans to attend more high-level visits in the near future.

Canada is committed to building a strong and lasting relationship with Vietnamese partners and promoting ways to deepen that relationship. The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives has been, and will be, continuing to support similar initiatives in Vietnam.

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