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Agricam Aiming to Increase Value of "Vietnamese Gem" in Int’l Arena

Posted: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

From a small scale rice mill, after a creating a joint venture in 2011 (with 49 percent stake of the state and 51 percent private), Vinacam Agrifood Joint Stock Company (Agricam) has become one of the five largest rice exporters in Vietnam, helping to enhance the brand and the position of "Vietnamese gem" on the international market.

Assert the leading position in exporting high quality rice
As a subsidiary of the Vinacam group, Agricam is mainly active in the production, processing, trading and export of high-quality rice with the main products of Japonica rice, ST 20, KDM, ST 21 and rice 6976. Agricam is the largest exporter of high quality Japonica rice in Vietnam with export share accounting for nearly 90 percent. Currently, Agricam is one of 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam (ranked 322) and is among the five largest exporters in Vietnam with the capacity of the entire system (Agricam Co Do, Agricam Thot Not, Agricam Tri Ton ) reaching 300,000 tonnes per year.

For the first 6 months of 2017, Agricam exported more than 131,915 tonnes of rice, earning more than US$59.7 million, growing 154 percent in volume and 158 percent in turnover over the same period in 2015; most of the increase in value in the right direction is shifted to high quality products with high added value. The high quality rice brand of Agricam is well received and supported by domestic and international customers. Some of these are high-standard markets such as Australia, the US, Papua New Guinea, China, and some in the South Pacific. Especially in the recent evaluation of the inspection team of China, Agricam is honoured as one of 22 qualified exporters for this market; asserting the prestige, quality of food safety and hygiene that the company has achieved.

Competitive advantages
According to General Director Lam Thanh Kiet, quality is the biggest competitive advantage of Agricam. The Board of Directors of Agricam always regards quality as the foundation of sustainable development, from which the company has built a closed production chain from material producers in the area to consumers through the stages from: supply of inputs (using high quality imported fertilisers from Vinacam Joint Stock Company, pesticides and solutions based on Israeli technology, varieties of Dinh Thanh-Loc Troi Seed Centre), cultivating (building a model of safe rice model under standard farming procedures to control residues, increase production efficiency and, more importantly, create quality products, safe export standards into the high-end market in the coming time) until processing.

Especially in the processing stage, all of the rice which meets required standards is transferred to the factory with the best preservation conditions and then dried by indirect burning technology with many advantages: high efficiency, save fuel burning, keeping the natural aroma of rice. Currently, the whole system of machinery from Swiss Buhler, Satake Japan has been put into use to ensure the best quality of processing. Through modern machinery and equipment, advanced ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system along with ensuring food safety and hygiene according to international HACCP standards, Agricam meets the requirements of pesticide residue control, insect control standards and international requirements. "With the motto: All for consumers; Health of consumers is the highest profit of Agricam, we are committed that the quality of products is guaranteed from the field to the table. That is the reason why Agricam's products are always trusted by customers; specially for international buyers and importers," Mr Kiet said.

Another competitive advantage of Agricam is the location in the large material area planned by the local leaders: Hon Dat - Kien Giang (20,000 ha), Tri Ton - An Giang (13,000 ha), Thanh Tri - Soc Trang (5,000 ha) and some new localities such as Kien Luong, Giang Thanh, Chau Phu and Hong Dan. With a large material area together with a comprehensive investment policy for farmers (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, engineering), Agricam can guarantee quality and yield to customers when contracts are signed. In addition, Agricam also has a young and creative staff, thus making a big difference that competitors have a hard time matching: effective management, applying science and technology in management, innovative solutions in production to reduce costs and increase efficiency. "With continuous improvement, keeping pace with the market trend and the 4.0 technology, we are confident that we will be able to achieve the goal of bringing the image of Vietnamese rice grains into a well-known brand name in the market," said Mr Kiet.

With the aim of serving customers and partners better, Agricam will continue to research and develop safe and organic products to introduce to partners, customers and international friends.

Hoang Lam

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