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Great Expectations on Dynamism and Creativity of the Government

Posted: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Being the one who understands most about the municipal government’s ongoing efforts for a transparent investment and business climate in the past time, the business community still hopes for more because it believes in the dynamism, creativity and greater reform efforts of Can Tho City in the coming time.

Mr Truong Thanh Trong
Director of Drug Factory, ADC Co., Ltd

After 18 years of construction and development, ADC Co., Ltd in general and its ADC Drug Factory in particular have received a lot of policy supports from all-tier governments in Can Tho City. We have been provided with good conditions and opportunities to improve our competencies and develop business operations. Not only ADC, other companies have also received practical and valuable assistances from the municipal government.

However, in my opinion, the business community’s expectations on the city’s efforts to improve administrative reform and ameliorate the investment environment are much bigger than what the city has done. This is a pressure but also a driving force for Can Tho City to have more groundbreaking reforms in the coming time to inspire investors and business community.

Mr Nguyen Van Quang
Director of Can Tho Power Company

After 13 years of becoming a centrally-run city (2004 - 2017), Can Tho has strongly changed to affirm its role as a locomotive and a social, cultural, educational and economic centre of the Mekong Delta. Particularly, Can Tho City is among the biggest recipient of investment flows in the southwest region, especially foreign direct investment (FDI) capital.

In addition to incentives and support policies, FDI inflows largely depend on favourable investment environment, abundant labour force and developed infrastructure, especially stable power supply. In the past years, the city’s Electricity Access Index has improved year by year thanks to better supply quality. From the power supply capacity and the service of the power industry of Can Tho City, I am confident that investors can rest assured on power supply in the city.

Mr Nguyen Van Hao
General Director of Can Tho Fertiliser & Chemical Joint Stock Company and Chairman of Can Tho Business Association

Can Tho City has always actively adopted solutions to improve the investment environment and inspire entrepreneurship. In particular, the city has drastically reformed administrative procedures in a bid to lower expenses and time for enterprises when they deal with administrative procedures. Most importantly, these reform efforts have made the local investment climate more open, transparent than ever before.

Currently, over 90 per cent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Mekong Delta in general and Can Tho City in particular have weak competitiveness and they face numerous hardships in international economic integration. Therefore, I think that Can Tho authorities need to issue specific and clear regulations to encourage and support startups. Especially, the city needs to focus more on logistics development because current logistics cost in Can Tho City are high. This reality leads to higher production costs and weaken corporate competitiveness.

Mr Lam Thanh Kiet
General Director of Vinacam Agrifood Joint Stock Company (Agricam)

At present, the investment environment in Can Tho City is generally good and supportive of business development. Companies are operating on transparent and supporting mechanisms. They are not subject to multiple authoritative visits in a year as seen in other localities.

During our time in Can Tho City, we have received great supports and assistances from the local government. We are very happy with their rapid response to emerging issues in land, customs and tax. In other localities in the Mekong Delta, Agricam is also enthusiastically welcomed and supported by local governments when we fulfil our commitments to purchase rice from farmers. We find it easy to tell farmers to apply new techniques to improve economic performance and raise product quality.

Mr Luu Minh Duc
Director of Trung Thanh Hi-Tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company

Mekong Delta is a major rice exporter and Can Tho City holds great potential for agricultural development, particularly high-quality rice. In order to effectively exploit this strength, Can Tho City has actively supported local enterprises by granting incentives for investment, construction, technological upgrading and finance. The city has also updated important information, enabling local enterprises to plan business operations effectively.

I hope that Can Tho City will continue to have more practical supports for agricultural enterprises to apply new technologies to enhance productivity and improve rice quality, thus gradually affirming the brand position of Can Tho rice on the international market.

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