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APEC is One of the Most Regional Effective Platforms

Posted: Friday, November 10, 2017

For Honeywell Vietnam and other FDI companies, APEC is one of the most regional effective platforms to approach, understand and promote cooperation with potential partners in Vietnam. The Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mrs Mai Trang Thanh - President, Honeywell indochina of Honeywell international INC about this subject. Le Sang reports.

Can you briefly introduce vision and mission of Honeywell Viet Nam in the current phase, please?
Operated in Vietnam for more than a decade, Honeywell aims to become a trusted advisor and strategic partner in Vietnam to contribute to its macro development towards a strong and sustainable economy with our innovative technologies and products across Honeywell’s four Strategic Business Groups, including Aerospace, Home and Building Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions, and Performance Materials and Technologies.

Today, we see the power of connected. At Honeywell, we focus on connected aircraft, connected automobile, connected home, connected building, connected plant, connected supply chain, and connected worker. We have unmatched range of connected solutions in buildings. We have massive installed base of more than 10 million buildings equipped with smart devices, and integrated buildings and software. In addition, we have launched globally a Honeywell Smart Building Score system to help evaluate a building’s IQ. The Score is built on three core foundations that takes into account not only the green, but also the safety and productivity technologies that are integrated into the buildings where we live, work and play.

We are an industry leader in fast growing space for homes and in sensing and wireless technologies. We have a great product roadmap which will be amplified by connectivity. We have introduced it to some major countries, and will definitely do so in the near term for Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

Our core growth strategies for this country, have been consistent throughout the years, is becoming a Software-Industrial Company, driving connected transformation and growth through our unique growth strategies - East for East (E4E), East to Rest (E2R), and Becoming the Chinese Competitor (BCC). We are looking for opportunities to strengthen the relationship with strategic customers in Vietnam to promote mutual understanding and expand our partnership.

How does Honeywell Viet Nam identify and implement the strategy for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
At Honeywell, we value the close links between business development and corporate social responsibility, and demonstrate this throughout a variety of CSR programs. Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS), our global corporate citizenship initiative, is proud to be an integral part of the communities we live and work in doing our best to be great corporate citizens.

In Vietnam, Honeywell global CSR program concentrates on the critical issues of Family Safety and Security, and Science and Math Education with programs launched annually: Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (HESA), Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy (HLCA) and Honeywell UOP Scholarship Program. These programs offer grants and studying opportunities for talented teachers and students – the momentum of knowledge economy.

We are also making our businesses more environmentally friendly, safer, and more sustainable. With 50% of our portfolio dedicated to energy solutions, Honeywell is leading the charge in energy efficiency and clean energy generation.

What are the optimal solutions to connect foreign businesses and domestic enterprises to create a driving force for the development of the Vietnamese economy?
As a two-speed economy, Vietnam needs to rapidly narrow the gap between foreign businesses and domestic enterprises, from both government and business’ sides.

In facts, technology transfer is the key for a breakthrough. The government, MNCs and local companies should discuss on practical solutions to facilitate the offering of consulting services, especially in technology and management areas.

Last but not least, it is pivotal to enhance human resources capability to catch new technology trends and management process. This requires government’s leading role to improve vocational training colleges, and attract investment in this potential field. In Vietnam, currently, we have noticed a great demand from local businesses for engineering training. Hence, Honeywell is keen to provide additional training and technology expertise together with our solutions.

What do you think about the cooperation potential in investment that APEC Vietnam 2017 brings about to Honeywell Viet Nam and Vietnam businesses in general?
For Honeywell Vietnam and other FDI companies, APEC is one of the most regional effective platforms to approach, understand and promote cooperation with potential partners in Vietnam.

This is also a considerable opportunity to demonstrate our standpoint, contributing to APEC’s Progress towards the Bogor Goals for free and open trade and investment, initiated at the APEC summit in Bogor, Indonesia, in 1994.

To us, Vietnam is a critical part of Honeywell's global footprint helping deliver the products we are known for such as integrated avionics systems for aircrafts, process controls and technologies for refineries, and building automation that have been supporting Vietnam in its development of a safer, more secure and more sustainable.

What are your opinions about problems and opportunities of Honeywell Viet Nam in current phase?
Like any other company, we are always facing more challenges from economic environment: Higher competition in different industries (aviation, homes & building technologies, oil & gas…), the incompatibility of current infrastructure that erects the barriers for Honeywell’s installation…

However, Honeywell is dedicated to the business growth in Vietnam, and despite the challenging global economic environment, we are positive about this market in the coming year as those industries in this country relevant to our businesses still have demonstrated a positive outlook.

As I ever mentioned that Connectivity is the mega trend for fundamental shift in customer experience. As a developing economy, Vietnam has increasing demands for connected services in manufacturing, oil & gas, home & building… Honeywell is confident to provide tailored offerings in connected era, driven by rapidly evolving and sophisticated sensing technologies combined with affordable, pervasive, fast mobile internet, and virtually unlimited bandwidth.

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