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Selectively Licensing Investment Projects in Industrial Parks and Economic Zones

Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The magnetism of An Giang province to investors is getting stronger in proportion to its abundant and diverse potential for economic development. Its industrial parks and border gate economic zones are at the centre of attention of domestic and foreign investors.

According to the report by the An Giang Economic Zones Authority, Binh Long Industrial Park has attracted nine projects with a combined registered investment capital of VND1,535 billion, of which VND914 billion has been disbursed. The tenants hired all 19 ha of rentable land. Binh Hoa Industrial Park has licensed 14 projects with VND4,143 billion of investment capital, of which VND1,135 billion has been expended on the projects. The occupancy rate is 85 per cent or 85 ha out of 100 ha of rentable area.

As for attracting investment capital into border gate economic zones, in September 2016, the An Giang Economic Zones Authority approved an investor to operate a duty-free shop at the Joint Control Station at the Tinh Bien International Border Gate, expected to be inaugurated in the fourth quarter of 2017. Vinh Xuong Industrial and Commercial Zone is attracting investment capital for import yards, bonded warehouses, truck and bus stations, filling stations, wharves and customs clearance points. At present, the An Giang Economic Zones Authority has approved an investor trading petrol and operating a parking lot. Khanh Binh Border Gate Trade and Service Area is calling for investment in bonded warehouses, entertainment areas, restaurants, hotels, trade, services. The Authority issued the certificate of investment to an investor of service area, a bonded warehouse and a goods inspection area covering 2.7 ha, which is expected to be deployed in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Mr Nguyen Minh Phong, Director of the An Giang Economic Zones Authority, said that, in order to attract investors to build factories in industrial parks and economic zones, An Giang Economic Zones Authority frequently updates policies trade, import, export, investment and other information on its website; posts information on investment promotions and performances of industrial and economic zones to help investors and concerned bodies to learn about necessary information and legal requirements. the An Giang Economic Zones Authority steps up communications and information about local economic and industrial parks. In addition, it also actively assists current investors when they carry out their projects in the province as they will later help the province to introduce the investment environment and entice new investors.

To better support enterprises and investors, the An Giang Economic Zones Authority has also applied the one-place single-window mechanism to administrative procedures relating to investment certification, work permits for foreigners, working regulations, land-use right certification, construction permit, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection management. “In the coming time, we will continue reviewing and reforming administrative procedures relating to investment attraction more strongly, especially those concerning land allocation, land lease, environmental impact assessment report, basic design appraisal, and construction permit granting in order to create the most favourable conditions for enterprises and investors,” he said.

He said, from 2017 to 2020, the An Giang Economic Zones Authority will selectively attract projects using advanced technologies, manufacturing industrial components, using environment-friendly technologies and generating many jobs.

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