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Last updated: Monday, November 19, 2018


Breakthrough in Administrative Procedure Reform

Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Over a year of operation since its inception (1 July 2016), Ha Giang Administrative Centre has successfully taken on its role as the focal point for administrative procedures such as receiving and returning records under the modern one-stop shop mechanism, which has helped shorten the time and reduce the cost for individual and organizational administrative procedure settlement.

On 30 May 2016, the Ha Giang People’s Committee issued Decision 1021/QD-UBND on the establishment of Ha Giang Administrative Public Centre which was directly under the Office of the provincial People’s Committee and was the focal point for receiving and returning administrative records. According to the roadmap, phase I, designed to be carried out from 2016 to 2017, covered the administration for 10 departments and branches, while phase II, which would start from 2018 on, was to cover 100 per cent of provincial departments.

Phase I, which was put into operation on 1 July 2016, had publicly listed 720 administrative procedures of 10 units. The number of records received and returned from 1 July 2016 to 31 March 2017 reached 3,368, of which 3,144 were settled on time or in advance, accounting for 93.35 per cent. The time for records settlement was shortened; leaders of provincial departments paid more attention to settling administrative cases; difficulties and problems were timely adjusted and resolved. As a result, Ha Giang province decided to shorten the time for phase II to one year and this phase started from 4 November 2017. Since then, Ha Giang Administrative Public Centre has received and settled 100 per cent of administrative records from 19 provincial departments and central agencies throughout the province.

As a part of the Office of the provincial People’s Committee, the establishment of the centre does not require excess staff. There is only one leader who is also the Deputy Chief of the Office and a number of specialized units. The administrative procedures are publicly listed and the control of settlement process is based on modern technical equipment. Currently, 1,324 procedures of 18 specialized agencies under the Provincial People’s Committee, Provincial Police and Provincial Taxation Department have been listed on the official website “dichvucong.hagiang.gov.vn”; this website provides a set of utilities such as: searching for procedure and records, tracking the progress of settlement, synthesizing the settlement results, evaluating service quality, conduct online transaction level 3. In the transaction area, the system of signboards, annotations and leaflets on administrative procedures, customer support services and transaction procedures, are clearly listed for easy access by the people. Automatic ticketing system, name display system, counters, touch screen system for searching, automatic surveillance camera system have helped transactions be carried out in an open, transparent, orderly, and scientific way.

The centre has arranged the reception desks and offered a scientific, friendly, customer-prioritized guidance. Customers coming to the centre are received by the staff, offered step-by-step guidance, provided with seats for waiting where they can easily monitor the attitude of the officer at the counters as well as get updated information regarding the status of records being processed. The staff of the centre and the officer at one stop counters are always reminded and guided on attitude to ensure courtesy, politeness, and regulation compliance.

According to the statistics, in the first 9 months of 2017, the centre has received 8,099 records of which 7,870 are new and 7,557 have been settled with the rate of timely and before-the-deadline of 99.12 per cent (7,491 records).

It can be said that after over a year in operation, the centre has accomplished its assigned tasks, made a breakthrough in the reform and modernization of the administrative system, contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of public administration services, ensuring publicity and transparency, facilitating organizations and individuals in activities related to state management agencies at provincial level.

Minh Xuan

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