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Removing Barriers to Business, Creating Motivation for Business Development

Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2017

In order to create a favourable business environment, to attract resources to effectively exploit potential, Ha Giang province has adopted many good mechanisms and policies with many innovations in promotion, taking initiative in removing "barriers" to administrative procedures and land clearance. Mr Nguyen Tien Loi, Director of Ha Giang Department of Planning and Investment had an interview with Vietnam Business Forum. Ngo Khuyen reports.

Could you tell something about the investment attraction of Ha Giang Province currently?
In current years, Ha Giang province has taken many measures such as: further promoting administrative reform; renovating promotion activities; organizing dialogues between leaders of the province and businesses; reviewing and adjusting the planning; mobilizing resources for fundamental infrastructure investment. The province has also made efforts in completing mechanisms and policies, applying the highest incentives for businesses on land rent, corporate income tax and import tax. Thanks to the high determination and the joining of the whole political system, business environment throughout the province has been more open and attractive.

More and more domestic and foreign investors have come to Ha Giang to explore opportunities and implement projects. In the first 10 months of 2017, the province has granted investment certifications to 20 projects with the total registered capital of VND2,282 billion, 3 FDI projects of which have reached the number of registered capital of VND 103 billion. The province is currently mobilizing and promoting some projects: planting and processing pharmaceutical materials and tea (TH corporation); building Japan - Vietnam rehabilitation hospital (Japan – Vietnam Supporting Industry Joint Stock Company); Luxury Resort (Banyan Tree Corporation); Lo Lo Chai Culture Village (Carbon Vietnam Joint Stock Company); Four-star Hotel at Quan Ba ward (Saigon Tourist); Pharmaceutical material processing company (Golden Lotus pharmaceutical company). Progress for these projects is being accelerated for timely certification issue at the Ha Giang Promotion Investment Conference.

Direct investment projects have contributed to promoting economic restructuring, Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth and creating new jobs. In the face of difficult budget conditions, the province is determined to attract investment from various economic sectors as a key task for the socio-economic development in the current period.

During the last time, which measures have been taken with a view to promoting administrative reform, improving business environment, particularly after implementing Resolution 35/NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on assisting business development to 2020?
Identifying administrative reform as a key factor in improving business environment, attracting resources for socio-economic development, in recent years, the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Committee have paid particular attention and given detailed guidance to and mobilized the whole political system and consensus of the people.

Based on the plans and under the guidelines of the provincial People’s Committee, departments, agencies and People’s Committee at ward level have built plans, identified the objectives and duties. The control, review and simplification of administrative procedures are carried out regularly, which has promptly abolished or replaced with unsuitable procedure. The one-stop mechanism applied at province, district and commune level has helped shorten the time and reduce the cost for individuals and businesses. Together with streamlined and appropriate organization, the quality of officials has also been improved in terms of professionalism, responsibility and professional ethics. The application of information technology has been promoted in 100 per cent of the administrative agencies, contributing to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of management and administration. Modern online one-stop mechanism has also been applied in 19/19 departments and agencies; 11/11 districts and cities and 195/195 communes, wards and towns. The IT application index of the province has made a significant breakthrough: ranking 13th in 2013, 16th in 2016 and 8th out of 63 provinces and cities in 2017.

The province has promoted development planning review for sectors and products in order to timely adjust and attract investment. Up to now, together with the development of the plan on economic restructuring associated with transformation of growth model and sustainable development of Ha Giang in the period of 2015-2020, vision 2030, the province organized a Conference announcing the master plan for socio-economic development up to 2020, with a vision to 2030. Mc. Kinsey Corporation (by the US) has been hired to make a plan on tourism development so that Ha Giang can exploit the advantage of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, enabling Ha Giang to become one of national tourism centres, prospering mountainous region and contributing to socio-economic development of the province in the coming time.

Ha Giang has actively mobilized resources for building infrastructure at Binh Vang Industrial zone, Nam Quang, Thuan Hoa, Tung Ba, Minh Son Industrial zones, Thanh Thuy border gate economic zone; has reviewed land fund for land planning to create clean land fund for enterprises.

The province has carried out many activities in order to assist, connect enterprises by cluster linkage and value chain. Along with promoting the arrangement of state enterprises, creating opportunities for private and social enterprises to develop, Ha Giang also increased support for small and medium enterprises through the provision of business development services: training, consulting and providing market information. The province has organized “Ha Giang Start-up day”; launching the program “Ha Giang Start-up Assistance in the period of 2016-2020”; establishing Steering Committee on Ha Giang Start-up Program for 2016-2020; organizing start-up consultancy program for students, collaborating to train and foster small and medium human resource for enterprises, cooperatives and youths who wish to start their own business.

The province has built mechanism, issued policies on land preferences; assisted enterprises in land clearance, resettlement, fully implemented the incentives on land rent exemption and reduction, creating favourable conditions for enterprises to start businesses.

On the occasion of Ha Giang Investment Promotion Conference 2017, would you like to say something to investors?
In order to increase the attractiveness to investors, the province is continuing to perfect mechanisms and policies to support and attract investment such as: land rent, labour training, enterprise income tax. Promoting administrative in a streamlined and effective way; setting the time limit for business registration, investment certification, construction permit issuing to at least 30 per cent reduction. Promoting planning, particularly land planning; publicly announcing approved planning, continuing developing traffic, electric, water, telecommunication infrastructure, improving the quality of investment promotion, at first successfully organizing Ha Giang Investment Promotion Conference 2017. Ha Giang province has set up prioritized and feasible projects to attract investment, clearly identified the current status of ground and ground clearance to create clean land fund for the projects; committed to accompany the business and give them support in overcoming difficulties and problems in the implementation of investment projects; flexibly applied mechanisms and policies suitable to the practical situation in the province for each project.

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