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Vietnam, Korea Promoting Cooperation Tourism

Posted: Monday, December 04, 2017

"Come to Vietnam to see the endless beauty of the peaceful and hospitable country in Southeast Asia." This is the message of the travel promotion delegation of Vietnam to visitors and travel companies of Korea and abroad at the 32nd Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA 2017), organised in the mid-2017.

The attraction of Korean tourists to Vietnam as well as Vietnamese tourists to Korea is becoming a focus of attention of both countries. 

The strong development in the cooperation areas of economic, trade, investment and culture has led to the growing number of tourists between Vietnam and Korea. Vietnam and Korea have a relatively close culture so tourism has many similarities. In addition, the two countries have abundant natural resources, contributing to the creation of rich tourism products.

For the past five years, Korea has always been among the countries with the highest number of tourists to Vietnam. According to statistics, in 2015, more than 160,000 Vietnamese people visited Korea and more than 1.1 million Korean visitors came to Vietnam. In 2016, the number of Vietnamese tourists to Korea reached over 250,000, and the number of Korean visitors to Vietnam reached over 1.5 million.

As of July, 2017, the total number of Vietnamese tourists to Korea was nearly 178,000 and Vietnam received about 1.4 million Korean visitors. It is
estimated that in 2017, there will have two million Korean visitors to Vietnam and about 400,000 Vietnamese tourists to Korea.

According to the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO), Vietnam is one of Korea’s main markets in South East Asia.

One of the major contributors to the promotion of tourism in the two countries is direct flights from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Jeju, with a simple visa-free procedure that has made this island of only 600,000 people be the first choice of Vietnamese tourists.

The KTO and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism have also signed a memorandum of understanding on the promotion and development of exchanges on tourism between the two countries in 2017. The two sides have actively cooperated and assisted each other in implementing campaigns to attract visitors between the two countries. Many tourism promotion activities have also been organised in the two countries. Accordingly, the KTO has signed a cooperation agreement with travel partner Vietravel, jointly building the "Korea Tourism Year with Vietravel 2017" campaign.

Notably, in addition to the traditional tours, the KTO has coordinated Vietravel Hanoi branch to open a new journey lasting six days, five nights to Jeju with a horse riding experience at a famous horse race, dinner on the luxury ship and exploring trip in the deep sea of 40 metres on the Seogwipo submarine. These activities will create different feelings, unique to visitors.

Jeju Island and Ha Long Bay became the new natural wonders of the world in 2011. If Jeju is an attractive destination for Vietnamese tourists, Ha Long Bay is among the top destinations of Korean people to explore Vietnam.

Notably, the Central Vietnam, including Quang Nam, is the ideal destination for many tours from Korea. In 2010, the number of Korean tourists to Quang Nam was only over 3,800, accounting for 0.81 per cent in the structure of international tourists in the province; by 2016 this figure increased to 83,000, accounting for 8.2 per cent of the total number of international visitors, and Korean visitors are a key source of tourists to Quang Nam. In the first six months of 2017, Korean visitors reached more than 88,000, exceeding the total number of Korean visitors to Quang Nam in 2016.

In addition to promoting roadshows and tourism fairs held in Korea over the past time, a very important factor that increasingly attracts Korean visitors is that there are many direct flights connecting Da Nang International Airport with some cities of Korea. There are about 80 flights a week from Korea to Da Nang and vice versa. This has made it easier for Korean visitors to access the destinations of the Central Vietnam.

Visa advantages and direct air connection are good conditions to develop the tourism of the two countries. According to KTO, together with the active cooperation in the tourism industry of the two countries, the number of Vietnamese visitors to Korea and Korean visitors to Vietnam will continue to have considerable growth in the coming time.

However, in order to maintain attractiveness and continue to attract Korean tourists to Vietnam, according to many experts, Vietnam should actively learn about demands of Korea market, creating higher-quality products that are more suitable and attractive to tourists.

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