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Agtex28 -Outperforming Brand

Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Set up over 42 years ago, with its industrious and creative spirit, 28 Corporation One Member Limited Liability Company (Agtex28) is proud to become one of leading garment and textile companies in Vietnam with well-established brand reputation among domestic and international partners and customers, thus contributing significantly to the development of the Vietnamese garment and textile industry.

Quality and prestige are the most important
Being the most powerful enterprise affiliated to Military Logistics, Agtex28 has 21 affiliated units and seven subsidiaries. Each year, the corporation supplies over 3.3 million shirts (for men and women), 1.5 million vests (for men and women), and 6.5 million uniforms and labour protective clothes.

With the right competitive strategies and focus on quality improvement, Agtex28 applies very strict quality control to all stages from designing and material selection to product finishing. To improve product quality, the corporation has boldly upgraded technology and production equipment; invested in information technology application to management, control and production; and deployed quality management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000 and other international standards. Especially with professional designers, adept technicians and skilful workers, Agtex28 always ensures the supply of best products to meet the most demanding quality and technical requirements of customers.

Knowing modern consumer tastes, especially of international consumers who tend to opt for products of natural origin, high safety, environment-friendliness and non-pollution, Agtex28 pioneered to develop fashion products made from natural materials such as cotton, silk, bamboo and oak featured with such properties as anti-wrinkle, sweat absorption, violet prevention, antimicrobial and health protection.

In addition to quality, reputation is always upheld in all activities and becomes a core factor behind the current success of Agtex28. With the operating philosophy of “Quality and prestige are the most important,” Agtex28 employees are willing and ready to work overtime to ensure the delivery of customers’ orders, product quality, prestige and responsibility to partners and customers.

With that working philosophy, after joining global supply chains, Agtex28 apparels have rapidly gained popularity in many big quality-demanding markets such as the European Union (60 per cent of its export sales), the United States (30 per cent), Japan and other markets (10 per cent). Currently, more than 80 per cent of its output is for export with a yearly value of US$90 - 100 million. The corporation has outsourced a wide range of high-quality products for world-renowned brands like Hugo Boss, Nike, Pierre Cardin, Moss, Ted Bake, Mc Gor and Nara Camicie. In the domestic market, Agtex28 shines with Belluni luxury men's brand for businessmen, which features both dynamism and modernity, while carrying classic Italian style.

Personnel is valuable
Together with its efforts to improve production and business performance, care for the spiritual and material life of employees has become a typical corporate culture making Agtex28 a common roof for all employees.

Defining that people are a valuable asset and a decisive factor to business success, Agtex28 always pays attention to building a positive and healthy labour relationship. Accordingly, in addition to paying social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance, and ensuring good employment policies like labour contact signing, salary payment and salary increase, the corporation also provides favourable conditions for employees to follow training courses in order to improve their expertise in all aspects, and constantly strives to increase labour productivity to fulfil business plans. In addition, Agtex28 seeks to improve employees' quality of life by providing regular medical check-ups; bettering the green, clean, beautiful, safe and scientific work environment; applying policies on rights and interests for female employees; facilitating employees to join discussions, collective labour agreements, production management and other activities.

In particular, to improve material and spiritual life of employees, Agtex28 always maintains good sick leave and maternity leave, hosts cultural and artistic performances, physical training and sports events, and organises yearly vacations for employees. Agtex28 and its member units also support accommodation rents for new employees who have no housing; arranges vehicles to bring employees to their hometowns during traditional Lunar New Year; builds collective kitchens with free in-shift meals, and supports employees facing difficulty. As for senior staff, the corporation has specific preferences for them to further strengthen their loyalty and dedication.

Not only issuing satisfactory employment policies, the Agtex28 management also launches production and business emulation movements to stimulate its employees to boost productivity, output, sales and product quality, while timely rewarding well-performing employees to reassure them and strengthen their commitment to the corporation. Collective emulation movements have contributed greatly to the stability and development of Agtex28. Every year, the corporation achieves and exceeds revenue, profit and tax payment targets. Employee income is raised by 10 to 15 per cent a year. Grassroots democracy is promoted and labour relationship is consolidated.

Integration with the country
Besides the core business of garment and textile, Agtex28 has been quite successful in real estate business and petroleum trading which generates huge cash flows and revenues and effectively backs the main business. As for petroleum business, from the first petrol station in Long Binh, Dong Nai province (in 1997), Agtex28 has now developed dozens of filling stations in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Can Tho and Ca Mau. Every year, it supplies hundreds of millions of litres of petroleum to consumers, wholesalers and retailers. In real estate business, Agtex28 confidently marks its brand on many large-scale projects such as Loteco Industrial Park, Agtex - Long Binh Industrial Park and Do Son - Hai Phong Industrial Complex as well as office buildings, trade centres and warehouses for rent in Hanoi, Quy Nhon, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City.

After 42 years of ongoing effort, Agtex28 has made great strides, confidently confirmed its market position and contributed to the successful industrialisation and modernisation of the nation. This is also an important foundation for the leadership and the staff of Agtex28 to advance its development to become a top garment and textile firm, a Top 5 military business unit, a Top fashion brand of Vietnam, and a driving factor of the country’s international economic integration.


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