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“Harmony in production and environment will increase business advantages”

Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

This is a viewpoint of Mr Bui Trong Dung, President and CEO of Vietdung Aluminium Joint Stock Company in an interview with Vietnam Business Forum prior to the announcement ceremony of the Most Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam in 2017. The company has pursued this development strategy for over 10 years. By continuous research and application of advanced technologies to production, the company has launched competitive product lines with superior quality and environmental friendliness. Nguyet Tham reports.

With the vision to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminium composite panels, aluminium ceilings and aluminium sheets used in construction, could you please tell us the steps being taken to achieve this goal?
I want to rewind time to return over a decade ago. At that time, the domestic construction material market knew almost nothing about aluminium composite panels. Only a few foreign-invested constructions used this material. This was a new material line with many superior features and used for various purposes. At that time, those products were mainly imported at a very high price.

At present, Vietdung has over 500 employees. The firm has three factories covering nearly 50,000 square metres capable of supplying nearly 10 million square metres of panels of all kinds to the market. Vietdung Aluminium products are certified with the ISO 9001- 2008 standard certificate and tested and certified by such international testing centres like SGS and Quatest for conformity with international standards. Meanwhile, the company’s base standards are being more widely used and referred by many companies. In the near future, they will be the common foundation for aluminium composite panels in Vietnam. Vietdung Aluminium has also won many noble awards such as Gold Medal for ALCOREST aluminium composite panels, Gold Cup for Trustworthy Construction Brand, and Vietnam Gold Star Awards in 2013 and 2015. In 2017, ALCOREST aluminium composite panels were certified among Top 50 Famous Vietnam Trademarks, and Vietdung Aluminium Joint Stock Company was honoured to receive the “Company of Quality Assurance in 2017.”

Seeing this potential, we conducted overseas market surveys. First, we studied how to use this product, then production procedures and finally searching for supplying sources of technology, equipment and inputs. Then, we made a detailed investment plan. Taking product quality as the target and the guideline for all operations, Vietdung has gradually earned the trust of customers and dominated the Vietnamese market. Our aluminium products have standard specifications and reasonable prices, thus showing strong competitiveness against imported brands from China with lower prices but poorer quality.

By localising production, we have able to quickly respond to market demand. For example, our stocks contain a wide variety of colours and specifications to meet different requirements of customers. While traders are limited with colours and specifications, Vietdung is ready to deliver to the customers at a fairly short time.

Along with manufacturing, the company also focuses on sales and customer services. Every year, we launch promotions to gratify customers and organise oversea trips for our top sales agents to strengthen their connectivity with the company. Many agents have cooperated with the company since early on and their sales have grown steadily. This helps Vietdung Aluminium position its product brands on the market. To date, our products have gradually replaced imports and developed steadily with annual sales and revenue growth of 15 - 20 per cent.

In the past time, there have been controversies over the trade-off of economy and environment. As the CEO of Vietdung Aluminium Joint Stock Company, what do you think about this?
In business, every investor must make a profit for reinvestment for sustainable development. Vietdung Aluminium is no exception. However, we do not exchange profit for environmental landscapes of the company, of our factories and of surrounding communities. Vietdung Aluminium always shows its responsibility to the social community and to the environment. Therefore, we regularly apply measures to address environmental pollution and always integrate environmental issues in research and development.

Every year, our production division coordinates with relevant units to review areas that may affect the environment, to equip facilities to improve the environment. We install dust cleaners and heat absorbers and provide natural airflows for factory workers. This has greatly improved worker health and resulted in higher labour productivity. In addition, we install cooling air suppliers for factory workers.

How have you applied scientific and technological progresses and advanced management methods to manufacturing process to make better products?
The important goal that Vietdung Aluminium always aims at is to create and maintain customer confidence. Thus, right from start, the company defined its mission of delivering world-class products and services to meet market demand and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Despite construction market volatility in recent years, Vietdung Aluminium products have still both domestic and foreign markets.

That outcome is accrued from a wise investment in a rigorous quality management process where inputs are carefully checked and quality is strictly controlled in production.

We set up the Research and Development (R&D) Department to study performance improvements of production lines, machines and workers to reduce manual work and enhance worker performance. Together with that, we also invest in some automated machines to replace manual labour previously undertaken by employees. As for decorative panels, using automation technology not only creates higher labour productivity but also helps prevent scratches in transportation. In addition to investment in best production technologies, we invested more waste product grinders to replace manual works two years ago.

Vietdung Aluminium products are distributed by over 80 first-tier agents throughout the country. ALCOREST brand is well received not only in the domestic market, but also in the international markets such as Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Czech Republic and the world's most demanding markets like Japan, the United States and Canada.
With respect to management, we find that most of the labour force in our country currently cannot meet modern work requirements owing to lack of study and research skills which considerably affects overall performance. As a result, we signed a consulting contract on performance improvement, product quality improvement and governance improvement with an American company. In addition, we continually send our employees to international training courses on science, technology and administration in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan to build up a strong and sustainable personnel foundation.

Could you please introduce your new products?
Following the success of Vietdung ALCOREST, we launched premium aluminium composite panel ALPES, a 3-layer PVDF-coated aluminium using PPG DURANAR material and guaranteed for 20 years. This year, we upgraded this product with fire resistant properties. With special aluminium core structure, ALPES fire resistant panel is the best solution to projects requiring high technical and safety. We are confident to be one of leading facade solutions pioneers in Vietnam and meet increasing requirements of modern architectures.

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