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Vietnam Welcomes New Investment Wave from RoK

Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Deputy PM made that statement on December 6 at the Viet Nam-the Republic of Korea (RoK) Economic Forum.
He highlighted the meaning of the forum, which is meaningful to assess gained achievements, advantages, difficulties and challenges to propose orientations and solutions to strengthening the two nations’ cooperative relations. 
The Government will concentrate on completing institutions, creating a transparent and fair legal environment, improving capacity, effectiveness and competitiveness, controlling inflation, stabilizing the macro-economy and enhancing growth, he said.    
Viet Nam will create the best conditions to attract private resources, including foreign investment for high-quality human resource training, he affirmed. 
A crucial solution for investors from Viet Nam and the RoK referred at the event is developing start-up and creation through supports and facilitation to start-up initiatives. 
Expectations of new investment wave 
Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung proposed prioritized areas to encourage the RoK’s businesses to accelerate investment with the aim of strengthening the two sides’ Strategic Partnership. 
He said Viet Nam calls on businesses from the RoK to pour more investment in high-tech areas, auxiliary industry, especially those supporting electronics, automobile, construction, garments, information technology, energy, high-quality agriculture, environment, health, research and development, finance-banking, high-quality services and infrastructure development in form of Private-Public-Partnership.
The Deputy PM suggested the two sides’ enterprises to boost cooperation to effectively launch the Viet Nam-RoK Free Trade Agreement, heading to raise the two-way trade value to US$100 billion. 
Regarding tourism and people-to-people exchange, he supposed that the number of passengers between the two sides will reach more than two million ones.
He expected to witness a new investment wave from the RoK to Viet Nam with advanced technology of the fourth industrial revolution. 

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