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Vietnam Attracts Nearly US$35.9 Billion in FDI in 2017

Posted: Monday, December 25, 2017

Statistics released by the Department of Foreign Investment, under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, revealed that Vietnam attracted nearly US$35.9 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2017.

By December 20, there were 2,591 newly licensed projects with the total registered capital reaching US$21.27 billion, a 42.3 per cent increase compared to the same period last year. In addition, 1,188 existing projects were also granted additional capital reaching US$8.41 billion, an annual increase of 49.2 per cent.

The processing industry and manufacturing sector continued to attract the largest FDI with registered capital worth US$15.87 billion, accounting for 44.2 per cent of the total registered capital. Of which, there were 955 new projects and 517 projects which were granted additional capital.

Manufacturing and the distribution of electricity ranked second with over US$8.37 billion in FDI, accounting for 23.3 per cent, followed by real estate with registered capital worth nearly US$3.05 billion, accounting for 8.5 per cent.

Among the 115 countries and territories that have invested in Vietnam, Japan was the country’s leading FDI source with US$9.11 billion, accounting for 25.4 per cent of the total FDI in Vietnam. It was followed by the Republic of Korea, with over US$8.49 billion, accounting for 23.7 per cent; and Singapore at US$5.3, and 14.8 per cent.

Among 59 localities, Ho Chi Minh City, northern Bac Ninh province, and the central province of Thanh Hoa were the most attractive destinations for foreign investors.


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