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Discovering Natural Beauty of Southern Water World

Posted: Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ca Mau in the floating season is becoming a well-liked destination for visitors who come here to experience travelling along canals, enjoying fresh air in immense U Minh Ha forests and checking in the southern tip of the nation.

Ca Mau is the southernmost point of the nation and carries a distinctive beauty of rivers and gardens typical of the Mekong Delta. Interlaced canals and green melaleuca forests create an unforgettable wild wonder of southern rivers and water. Cape Ca Mau is also the only place on the shore in Vietnam to watch the sunrise on the east and the sunset on the west.

Mai Huong, a tour guide from Vietsense Company, who has brought a lot of tourists to Cape Ca Mau for many years, said, “Ca Mau is famous not only for its scenic beauty and a diverse mangrove ecosystem, but also for its sacred meaning of being the farthest point of the motherland. Coming to Ca Mau, visitors not only can admire a unique natural landscape but also discover and join the idyllic life of people here.”

Tourists should start the discovery from primitive Hon Da Bac Islet by road and by boat in Kinh Hon hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province, where they can find countless stones lying on each other to form miraculous shapes like fairways, fairy wells, fairy feet and fairy hands. Visiting Hon Da Bac, they will have the chance to explore the island, sense true nature and go fishing. In a beautiful natural setting, the working life of people here makes the scene livelier.

Travelling from Hon Da Bac to U Minh Ha Forest - a familiar tourist destination in Ca Mau, they will have the opportunity to sightsee a unique nature reserve on a 8,000-ha peat area. The most typical vegetation here is melaleuca and vines. The fauna is very rich, with typical species being copperfish, birds, pythons, snakes, monkeys and wild boars.

Cape Ca Mau is a must-see place, over 100 km from Ca Mau City. This is the southernmost point of the country, which is extremely sacred to the Vietnamese. On the waterway, tourists will be able to witness everyday life of local people, watch coconut tree strips along rivers and black mangroves growing from river beds.

In addition, visitors go to see forests where warriors lived during the resistance war, Hon Khoai Island, Thi Tuong Pond, Ca Mau Floating Market and Khai Long Beach. Particularly, bird sanctuaries are special places of interest for visitors in Ca Mau City. Ca Mau and Ngoc Hien bird sanctuaries portray a peaceful picture of the city as birds return to nest.

Not only owning a naturally scenic destination, Ca Mau also has a unique culinary culture. According to travel companies, tourists should go to Ca Mau in the seventh and eighth months of lunar calendar to taste the delicacy of Rach Goc three-striped crab - an indigenous specialty that any visitor will want to taste.
Among indigenous food specialties in the Mekong Delta, Rach Goc three-striped crab can be processed into soup or hot-pot. This dish is unforgettable once tasted. Besides, they should enjoy other food specialties such as salted turtle, salted giant mudskipper with chilli, squid egg rolls, salted clam baked with pepper or dishes processed from three-striped crab like sauce.

Khanh Hung, a tourist from Hanoi, said, “I am very interested in exploring the beauty of Ca Mau riverside gardens, mangrove forests, U Minh forests and bird sanctuaries. Local food specialties are amazing. Indigenous noodles soups are really delicious and special.”

According to statistics from Ca Mau Tourism Promotion Centre, Ca Mau welcomed more than one million visitors and in 2016 about 633,035 visitors in the first six months of 2017. Catching increasing demand of tourists, travel companies are offering many tours to Ca Mau and they are usually combined with other destinations in Can Tho, Soc Trang and other localities

Ca Mau City has many standard hotels but visitors should make good preparations to have best services to enjoy secure, meaningful and happy experiences.

Giang Tu

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