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Nhut Hong New Urban Area: Modern Living Space in Harmony with Nature

Posted: Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Everyone has a dream of a home for themselves and it would be ideal owning a modern living space in harmony with nature. Nhut Hong New Urban Area in the centre of Ca Mau city is transformed to become an area meeting all of these factors and the most worthy urban living area in Ca Mau city.

Given the context of an increasingly modern society, higher material and spirit life, people have increasing expectations for living space. Nowadays, owning a house or an apartment is not only a place to live, but also a place to relax and enjoy.

Grabbing that trend, Nhut Hong Corporation, a member of Sao Mai Group, has devoted a lot of effort and dedication to developing Nhut Hong Eco-urban area in Ca Mau city, providing a with metropolitan living standard space. With comfortable villas and a peaceful green space, you will have the feeling of full enjoyment.
Nhut Hong is located in the heart of Ca Mau city, with convenient traffic, 2.3 km from Ca Mau market, 5.3 km from the airport, 4.1 km from the provincial hospital, 2.9 km from Coop Mart, 2.2 km from the Provincial People's Committee and near an industrial park, a medical college complex, Pedagogical College, Nguyen Dinh Chieu primary school, etc. This eco-urban area is associated with neighbouring residential areas to exploit advantage of transport for economic development, including Ca Mau traffic to Nam Can, the Ganh Hao River and other traffic routes such as National Highway 1A, National Highway 1A linking the Ganh Hao River and Rach Rap River. This urban area with a complete system of infrastructure, traffic, electricity, water and communication will ensure the best living conditions for residents living here.

With the size of more than 60 hectares, including nearly 2,000 townhouses, villas and combined utility facilities under construction, Nhut Hong will become a model urban area in the coastal city of Ca Mau. Designed especially as a living space in harmony with nature, the project devotes more than 40 percent of the land area to greenery, water and landscape, ensuring to bring to the people balance for health and well-being.

In addition, Nhut Hong integrates modern living facilities, creating a community with a perfect living space on this ideal land which is a unique combination of a commercial centre, a 5-star international standard hotel, open squares for tourists and residents to take a leisurely walk and shopping; an sports and entertainment area including swimming pool, spa, tennis court; kindergartens combined with a large play area, main roads running through the urban area that will help residents have a moment of sunset to enjoy the sunset and the charming river to help.

The limited-size single-family villas offer elegant accommodation, creating a private living space for each family to offer a different feeling. At Nhut Hong urban area, the residents enjoy the highest level of interior comfort with the multi-purpose sports centre, the swimming pool is designed to bring the family a wonderful relaxing moment together. Conference centres, coffee shops, supermarkets, green parks, and elementary schools all offer a safe and comfortable living environment.

Living in Nhut Hong new urban area, residents have convenient access to the inner courtyards with open modern infrastructure, and also enjoy an ideal living environment with quiet space which will increase happiness.

"By all efforts, we reaffirm our commitment to the customer in the creation of a comprehensive, sustainable construction that contributes to creating a new dimension in the architecture of Ca Mau. Nhut Hong new urban area will bring the quality and humanity space of living for the community. The entire project has been completed and the internal infrastructure has been completed as planned. Nhut Hong urban area is ready to welcome the first inhabitants," said representatives of Nhat Hong Corporation.

Thanh Nghi

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