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Hai Tien Beach - New Destination for Visitors

Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

With many charming natural landscapes, especially unspoiled pristine features, and because of overcrowding at Sam Son Beach in the tourist season, Hai Tien Beach has now become a top choice for visitors when coming to Thanh Hoa province. For the past four years, the number of tourist arrivals to Hai Tien has increased remarkably, and is estimated to reach over one million in 2017, an increase of 30 per cent against 2016.

Just a three-hour drive from Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, Hai Tien looks like the miniature of Hawaii in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Hai Tien maritime ecosystem features a white sand strip stretching up to 12 km, a slight sloping terrain, pure water, gentle wave, no whirlpool, reef or silt deposition and a clean beach covered by casuarinas to create an ideal ecosystem. Moreover, about 400 metres from the coast, a wave barrier in addition to coastal plantation and sediment blockade projects carried out over a long period have made Hai Tien Beach more relaxing as visitors can safely wade far off the coast.

Getting up early to watch the dawn or going out to the sea with fishermen is an interesting experience. Hai Tien is an idyllic countryside where people are honest, plain and extremely hospitable and visitors thus can easily ask them to get on the boat, spread out the fishing net, sell the fish and taste fresh seafood right after the boat lands.

Mr Ly Quoc Bao, Director of New World Travel Company, said, “Hai Tien is a late-comer but the entertainment system here has developed quite well. Tourists can experience many thrilling games such as jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, seabed discovery and round boat rowing. Besides, traditional festivals and arts performances such as fish worshipping rites, cheo singing, lamp dance, drum singing and row-dancing also catch the fancy of tourists.

Hai Tien has quite many accommodation facilities for visitors, including Anh Phuong, Tung Duong and Hai Tien Green hotels. Most hotels and motels are newly built, thus they have good quality, beautiful design and standard amenities. Most hotels and restaurants are looking to the sea and feature open space and close-to-nature designs, to help visitors enjoy the full flavour of the sea. Moreover, reasonable room rates, attentive and thoughtful services are also plus points for this wonderful beach.

In addition, Hai Tien is advantageously located very close to some other tourist sites such as Ho Dynasty Citadel World Heritage Site, Lam Kinh Historical Site, Cam Luong Stream, Ben En National Park and Tien Son Ham Rong Cave where tourists can visit.

Especially, to Hai Tien, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the special culinary culture. Many food dishes associated with the name of Thanh Hoa are found here like nem chua (sour meatball), Ha Yen fish sauce, Muc River barb, Tu Tru black rice cake and seafood.

Mr Le Duc Giang, Chairman of Hoang Hoa District People's Committee, said, “In the coming time, Hoang Hoa district will accelerate planned investment, planning management and tourism communication; mobilise more resources and investment for tourism infrastructure; focus on developing tourism products such as maritime leisure, sightseeing, discovery, history, culture and spirituality; improve the efficiency of State management and tourism human resources development. In addition, the district will take measures to protect the natural environment, build a cultural environment, and create a safe environment for tourism activities in order to shape a cultural environment attractive to tourists.”

With many advantages from natural landscape and culture to infrastructure and service quality together with specific development orientations, Hai Tien is an ideal resort for tourists far and wide.

Giang Tu

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