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Bidrico Beverage: Impressive Success of Vietnamese Brand at APEC 2017

Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Manufacturers have long stressed “pure Vietnamese” brands when they mention high-quality Vietnamese products. In this flat world where the concept of “Made in the world” is at the height of fashion, the official service of drinks for many APEC 2017 events by a pure Vietnamese beverage brand like Bidrico is a proud milestone in the company's 25-year corporate branding history.

CEO Nguyen Dang Hien, the founder who has gradually raised the quality and class of Bidrico-bottled drinks, regarded this as a historic turning point in the development history of the company. His assessment seemed too modest, because every logistical stage for APEC 2017 was very carefully selected and monitored by the National Committee for APEC Vietnam 2017. After repeatedly weighing prestigious Vietnamese brand names, the committee decided to choose Bidrico drinks as the main drinking water for this big event.

Talking about this honour, CEO Nguyen Dang Hien said “APEC 2017 is a great event of the country that welcomed high-ranking delegates from 21 member countries, thus making sure that food safety and hygiene is always placed on top. Criteria set by the National Committee for APEC Vietnam 2017 for Bidrico products are chosen products must be characteristically pure Vietnamese, meet strict standards equivalent to American and Japanese standards, and finally have elegant, splendid package designs. Bidrico purified drinking water satisfied all requirements set by the committee.”

He said, that honour greatly inspired him to bring this prestigious drink brand to the international market, especially to 21 APEC members.

Effort for national prestige
Specifically, in the last two weeks of August, Bidrco purified water served the Third APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 3) in Ho Chi Minh City, which consisted of 75 meetings, conferences and dialogues conducted by four committees, 26 working groups and APEC sub-groups engaged in various fields. Previously, Bidrico was honoured to serve the First APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 1) and the APEC Finance and Central Bank Deputies' Meeting in Khanh Hoa province or the High Level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy in Hue City.

In particular, during the APEC Summit 2017 held in Da Nang City in November, Bidrico purified water served all summits and side conferences, such as the APEC CEO Summit and the most important APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, which took place on November 11, 2017. Delegates were very impressed that it was a Vietnamese product.

General Director Nguyen Dang Hien said that APEC Vietnam 2017 is a regional and international event and a diplomatic centre of Vietnam to 2020, thus everything that serves APEC must achieve highest quality and we are willing to provide unlimited free water for all gatherings. Only pure drinking water supplied to all APEC events in the year amounted to 30,700 boxes worth VND1.7 billion. Therefore, throughout the course of APEC events, Bidrico carefully prepared for production, distribution and delivery to gathering venues without any incident.”

“What concerns me most is Vietnamese businesses are ranked one of four slowest-growing countries in the region. I think that is the concern of State leaders. Therefore, the government needs to provide favourable conditions for Vietnamese companies to develop on a par with their peers in the region and even in the world,” he added.

APEC Vietnam 2017 was seen by the international community as a great success for the Vietnamese economy – the host of the event series. Sharing that joy, Bidrico is proud of its significant contributions to the overall success of one of the country's biggest diplomatic events. The supply is not only a domestically and internationally certified product, but also a choice for absolute food - drink safety and hygiene. Moreover, after the success of the APEC Year 2017, certainly, Bidrico’s products made by modern lines and from natural inputs will march with “made in the world” products to conquer the world market.

Bidrico’s beverage products are diverse in categories and flavours and good for human health, particularly pasteurised Yobi yogurt, orange juice, mango juice, apple juice, aloe vera juice, wax gourd drink, energy drink, pure water, bird nest drink with white fungus, fruit jelly, Restore energy drink, Restore vitamin drink, Restore salty lemon drink and Bi’s bird nest drink.

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