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Panasonic Vietnam Introduces Total Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Improved Indoor Air Quality

Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mr Kazukiro Matsushita, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Recently, Panasonic Vietnam in collaboration with Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Ministry of Construction organized a workshop on “Enery-saving solutions to improve building air quality". Participated by 80 industry experts, investors, constractors and consultants, the workshop targets to introduce and discuss solutions to save energy and improve air quality in a way that is energy-efficient without compromising microclimate comforts winthin buidings.

Under the impact of climate change, large cities in Vietnam is now facing increasingly serious air pollution that mainly originates from traffic, construction and human being daily activities. In particular, indoor air quality (IAQ) comes as major concern to home owners, experts, investors, constructors and consultants. Panasonic's total solutions not only helps “Green” and “Smart” buildings achieve outstanding energy-saving performances, but also ensures a comfortable, safe and healthy living environment.

VRF air conditioning system displayed at the workshop

In order to achieve such a goal, Panasonic introduces the total solution consists of IAQ systems and air conditioning systems. The IAQ systems completely solves the issue of air quality in residential construction in urban areas, ensuring a harmonious living space composing four basic elements: temperature - airflow - humidity – purification delivered by a wide variety of product lines ranging from air conditioners, ventilation systems, fans to air purifiers. Especially, Panasonic also delivers the VRF air conditioning system with outstanding energy efficiency proven by the energy efficiency index EER of 5.3. In addition, Panasonic provides HIT solar panels with silicon heterojunction technology and pyramid structure to optimize energy absorption and generation.

"Backed by two decades of growing in Vietnam - one of our critical markets in the region, we look forward to strengthening our long-term cooperation with business partners through providing synchronous technology and technical solutions, improving building quality, optimizing investment efficiency, while meeting customers’ increasing demand on a better life, health, security and environmental-friendliness. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, we are proud to be the pioneer in providing total solutions for green and smart projects in Vietnam”, emphasizes Mr. Kazuhiro Matsushita, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Guests experience Panasonic’s solutions at the workshop

Celebrating a century of developing and building a brand of reliability, Panasonic now enjoys the position of a leading Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics and a pioneer in providing B2B solutions across the world. In Vietnam, Panasonic is the first company to introduce total solutions for buldings that intergrate between advanced construction methods and a consistent system of technology solutions and techniques.


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