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Sao Mai Group and Research Institute for Marine Fisheries: Cooperation in Technology Transfer to Add Values to Vietnamese Catfish

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Based on the cooperation agreement signed by the Research Institute for Marine Fisheries (RIMF) and International Development & Investment Corporation (Sao Mai - IDI) in 2017, Sao Mai Group recently took a long stride in bilateral connectivity by signing the “Technology transfer cooperation in production of value added pangasius products in Vietnam.”

The 5-year cooperation agreement is designed to create absolute competitive advantages for Vietnamese pangasius. Many years ago, Sao Mai Group always knew how to pioneer the application of new technological and scientific achievements to pangasius processing. Currently, the potential of this species remains huge and Sao Mai Group continues to make breakthroughs in creating new added values from pangasius. Sao Mai Group has tried not to miss the opportunity when it has strong, long cooperation ties with scientists. The firm will apply research results into catfish production to create lysine-rich fish powder, smoked fish, canned fish, fish sausage, fish oil shortening for domestic consumption and for export.

These important contents were signed by the two sides in the spirit of comprehensive cooperation aimed to bring high economic efficiency to Sao Mai Group, to tens of thousands of farmer households, to Vietnam's agriculture and to the national economy as a whole.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr Le Thanh Thuan, Chairman of Sao Mai Group, said, “Pangasius - a national strategic product - is yet to be properly exploited. Its key products mainly come in fillets. This is also a quiz for scientific researchers and producers. Sao Mai Group is just a “newcomer” in the fisheries sector but it always treasures valuable products of the country. Sao Mai carries out its mission of leading all strategies to form a close pangasius value chain in Vietnam and the success of Ranee cooking oil is a typical example. Today, the signing of a comprehensive cooperation between Sao Mai Group and RIMF reconfirms that vision. With our active cooperation, sincerity and responsible attitude of the two parties, I am confident that the project will be successful.”

Thanh Nhan

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