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USG Boral Vietnam launches game-changing lightweight material solutions for modern construction

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In the workshop themed “Shaping the Future Together”, USG Boral, a global leader in building products technology, announced the launching of its new lightweight material solutions for modern construction.

Four game-changing solutions expected to redefine traditional construction methods will be made available to customers in Vietnam. These include: the EasyFinish™ System, Durock® Cement Board, Metal Ceilings System and Glass-Mat Portfolio.

USG Boral’s new EasyFinish™ System is a customized cement render replacement system alternative to traditional levelling methods that helps contractors and homeowners be four times more productive with more than half the time saved. Contractors and homeowners will now have the option of dry construction that is not only fast and easy for semi-skilled contractors to install, but also low on maintenance costs and is environmentally efficient over a building’s life cycle.

The innovative EasyFinish™ System utilizes USG Boral’s noncombustible plasterboard with a specially formulated bonding compound to ensure smoothest walls completed. With long-term durability that has been proven in the UK, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand markets, the EasyFinish™ System can be painted directly without the use of mastic.

Durock® Cement Board is an aggregated Portland cement board with polymer-coated glass fiber mesh embedded on the front and back surfaces for superior adherence and protection from corrosion. A lightweight and versatile alternative to traditional construction methods such as brick walls and autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, the new system resolves design limitations involving curved exteriors. It also boasts moisture and mold-resistant characteristics, allowing it to be used in bathrooms or places with high humidity.

As a proven drywall solution for over 20 years, the Durock® Cement Board is 10 times lighter than conventional exterior walls; takes six times faster to construct; and offers improved energy savings with 10 times better thermal resistant performance (U-Value). Customers can look forward to the range of Durock® Cement Board as follows:

An addition to the current range of ceiling solutions, USG Boral’s Metal Ceilings System allows for customization with low maintenance and easy installation. The surface is covered by high quality electrostatic paint coating to increase the durability of the product. Perforated panels with sound absorption buffers increase the acoustic absorption ability.

Architects and building operators will no longer be restricted to just traditional flat ceilings, as the new metal ceilings system allow for various unique designs including curved ceilings, perforation patterns and different edge profiles. The system is available in 45 colors and 26 wood look finishes, with the option to create custom colors to support project specific requirements.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, USG Boral Metal Ceilings’ surfaces can be cleaned easily without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents and the removable panels will provide access to the plenum above, making maintenance a breeze.

The full Metal Ceilings product range is available as follows:

A series of panels with a reinforced gypsum core, encased with water shedding fiberglass facer and backer material, USG Boral’s expanded Glass-Mat Portfolio can be used in interior and exterior applications to help installers build stronger structures in a shorter amount of time.

USG Boral Glass-Mat products consist of a 100% inorganic fiberglass facer and backer material to offer the maximum mold and moisture protection for the interior partition, and weather protection for exterior-building envelopes. The patented technology produces lightweight fire-, mold- and moisture-resistant panels, offering durability and superior performance. To assemble the Glass-Mat, architects and contractors do not need any sawing or special tools. Instead, the system works on a simple score-and-snap method and can accept fasteners just like ordinary plaster ceilings as well.

“The four new solutions aim to help architects, contractors and homeowners build faster and better, without compromising the aesthetics of the buildings as well as the living comfort of occupants. Customers can trust that the new solutions adhere to the most stringent international standards of high-performance and safety. These game-changing solutions are expected to advance industry construction standards to the next level, optimizing costs and boost innovative design in modern architecture,” said Tran Thanh Sang, Chief Executive Officer, USG Boral Vietnam.

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