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Enhancing Data Security and Cybersecurity in Connected World

Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cybersecurity is becoming more complex than ever. To sustain their development, organisations and businesses need to build an effective information technology system that integrates technology solutions to flexibly respond to cybersecurity threats today.

This was the message presented at the Security World 2018 Conference and Exposition in Hanoi on April 5. The event was organised by the Cybersecurity Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security in cooperation with International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security and the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Government Cipher Committee. Notably, this is the first time the event was opened under the auspices of five authorities responsible for cybersecurity, including the Cybersecurity Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, the Government Cipher Committee, the Cyber Combat Command under the Ministry of Defence, the Information Security Department, the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

In fact, information security in Vietnam has been very complicated and unpredictable in the past few years. Updating advanced solutions, from technology and services to people and processes to ensure information security is extremely important amidst the fact that Vietnam is trying to build e-government platforms and national critical systems are facing cybersecurity threats today.

Lieutenant General Hoang Phuoc Thuan, Director of the Cybersecurity Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, said, Vietnam faced three major information security issues in 2017. Notably, a series of large-scale, high-intensity cyberattacks targeted at key areas and important national structures. A majority of these attacks were performed via physical transmission infrastructures such as international transmission axis, national transmission axis, and core service infrastructures. Moreover, most attacks were organised on a large scale instead of single, spontaneous ones as previously.

Besides, according to the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT), malware infection has also become worrying. Malewares are increasingly sophisticated, especially those designed for multipurpose like encrypting data, blackmailing and stealing data at the same time.

A VNCERT representative cited that Wannacry ransomware cryptoworm attacked nearly 250 Vietnamese companies in mid-2017, causing a lot of damage.
Mr Nguyen Thanh Hai, Director of the Information Security Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said that although organisations, businesses, authorities and people paid a greater attention to information security and cybersecurity and the legal corridor for ensuring information security was relatively completed in 2017, information insecurity was still very complicated. He added that cyberattacks tend to focus on vulnerabilities and weaknesses on IoT devices that typically surveillance cameras. It will be difficult for the government, especially when implementing e-government projects or smart cities.
At the function, experts also said that security is becoming more sophisticated than ever and bringing unforeseen hazards. Information security is not a task of any specific individual or organisation but it requires the trust, sharing and close coordination of authorities, contribution of businesses and individuals in the whole society.

Accordingly, to sustain their development, organisations and businesses need to build an effective information technology system that integrates technology solutions to flexibly respond to cybersecurity threats today. Investing in information security is a way that comes up with business operations and capacity of enterprises, accurately assess investment effectiveness of information security to ensure the development of information security in a long and sustainable manner. Each business should base on their own competencies rather than run after others. They need quality and risk approach in a systematic and well-defined manner.

Stressing on human factor - the key link in corporate information security, experts said, this factor is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to make public employees know how to prevent online threats. Business leaders also need to understand the importance of protecting the business information system to make appropriate investments for it. Besides, businesses necessarily cooperate with authorities to ensure information security and outsource information security services while coordinating and sharing information with other companies to draw lessons and avoid mistakes.

Parallel to the Conference was the 2018 Security Technology Exhibition. The exhibition introduced advanced security solutions such as network security, cloud security, encryption, data security, big data, virtualisation, identity management and access control. Participants to the exhibition were regional leading technology firms and information security and risk management consultants like Samsung, Cisco, Kaspersky, Huawei, Parasoft, Verint System, Novicom, Renova, Parasoft, Tufin, Synology, DT Asia, Netnam and CMC.

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