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Bahrain and the Gulf seeking opportunities for investment

Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2018

With a view of finding potential partners and seeking opportunities for business investment cooperation with Vietnamese businesses, on 11 – 14/4/2018, a business delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain, headed by Mr. Sheikh Duaji Al-Khalifa, Chairman of the ASEAN Bahrain Council (ABC), paid a working visit to Vietnam.

The delegation comprised 11 businesses in such areas as agriculture, textile, furniture, solar power devices, construction, fashion, financial service, investment, tourism, hospitality, and imports – exports.

At the meeting with representatives from Vietnamese business leaders in Hanoi, Mr. Sheikh Duaij bin Isa Al-Khalifa stressed the importance of Bahrain, which helped ASEAN members to seek opportunities of investment in the Gulf region. Bahrain is the most modern and free economy in the Middle East region, which offers chances for ASEAN countries to do business. Bahrain is not only the gateway to the Gulf countries but also to the whole Middle East – North African region. Bahrain offers 100% of foreign investment with no income tax, no import tax on raw material and machines when establishing manufacture unit. The country is also the financial capital of the Gulf countries and creates connection between businesses established in Bahrain and the US and UK.

Mr. Chair also highlighted the necessity of Vietnamese business community’s joining the vibrant environment of Bahrain, so that it could enjoy the best benefits from the Middle East, North African and the Gulf region.

The ASEAN Bahrain Council (ABC), established in September of 2017 and managed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of Bahrain, is an independent, non-profit and non-political association. Its objectives are to promote and strengthen trade and investment relations between ASEAN countries and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

ABC functions as a leading organization which promotes business activities, and the driving force for private sector of Bahrain to strengthen trade and investment issues between Bahrain and ASEAN member countries.

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