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New Green Chemistry Project Launched

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2018

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Vietnam Chemicals Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade held the inception workshop of the “Application of Green Chemistry in Vietnam to support green growth and reduction in the use and release of POPs and hazardous chemicals” project.

Mr Dao Xuan Lai, UNDP Assistant Country Director, said, “This is the first green chemistry project that aims to minimise the use and emission of chemicals that are not in the multilateral environment agreements list to be implemented in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. The project has three objectives: Create a legal framework, raise awareness, and pilot practices that will help reduce emissions and the use of POPs. Vietnam is one of the pioneers in POPs issues and has a lot of experience in dealing with POPs since the war. Therefore, UNDP and GEF expect that Vietnam will lay the foundation and give the first lessons and experiments in this field.

With the support of GEF and UNDP, this 3 year-project will also promote awareness on green chemistry, its benefits, and its guiding principles.


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