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Transport Ministry Cuts 67 Pct of Business Conditions

Posted: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Transport Minister Nguyen Van The recently signed Decision 767/QD-BGTVT on an action plan to reduce and streamline 384 out of 570 business conditions, or 67.36 per cent of the total in the transport sector. According to the decision, the aviation sector is subject to the biggest reduction with 74.36 per cent, followed by the railway sector with 73.08 per cent. The ground road sector ranks third with 68.5 per cent, followed by the inland water transport sector with 67.34 per cent, the maritime transport sector with 65.08 per cent, and the overland motorised vehicle registration sector with 61.43 per cent, the multimodal transportation service business and hazardous goods transportation services business with 61.74 per cent.

The decision by the Ministry of Transport also stated that the ministry-affiliated units will stick to approved reduction and simplification plans and quickly draft legal documents according to this decision to supplement the legal document development programme of the Ministry of Transport in 2018 in order to submit it to the Government for promulgation by October 30, 2018.

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