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Art Investment: New Opportunity for Vietnamese Businesses

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2018

Vietnam’s tourism sector is welcoming a lot of international visitors who seek to enjoy sophisticated arts and culture, but it lacks sizeable shows for them. Therefore, organising art shows for tourists is still considered a potential ground for visionary investors.

Potential untapped
According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), in 2017, Vietnam welcomed about 13 million international visitors, up about 30 per cent over 2017. In February, the country received nearly 1.5 million, up 19.4 per cent year on year.

Many countries in the world have been very successful in organising cultural shows such as Thailand with Siam Niramit and Tiffany Show, China with a famous drum show composed by director Zhang Yimou or South Korea with Miso Show. And, in Vietnam, there are also art shows being staged such as Hoa Dat Viet Show (Galina Show), water puppetry shows by Thang Long Puppetry Theatre, A O Show or Tonkin Gulf Essence Show. In particular, Galina Show invested by Asian Folks Theatre is a successful example of a private enterprise in investing in cultural and arts products for tourism. With a meticulous investment in choreography, costumes, music and effects, the 13-episode show features ao dai traditional costume show and traditional folk dance mixed with modern entertainment trends. The show is performed seven days a week and 500 tickets are sold out every day.

Mr Hoang Dung, Director of Asian Folk Theatre, said, “In 2017, Nha Trang City alone welcomed more than two million international visitors and many from other localities also came to the theatre to enjoy Nha Trang Dream Arts Show. In early 2018, Hoa Dat Viet Galina Show was debuted and attracted 10,000 viewers in just one month. Without doubt, this is a perfect way to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to international friends.”

Mr Ngo Hoai Chung, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, said, “Investing in attractive cultural products for tourism has become an effective model for many countries with powerful tourism economies and this is also a strong tourism trend in Vietnam. Asian Folk Theatre has gone on a right track in this field by investing in cultural products for tourism based on traditional folk arts and cultures of Vietnam. This helps satisfy tourists’ needs while creating new tourism products.”

In addition to Galina Show in Nha Trang, Tonkin Gulf Essence Show in Hanoi is also popular to many visitors. This is a typical northern cultural arts programme that depicts a vivid picture featured poetic, melodious and painting scenes performed on a large stage of more than 4,300 square metres. Or, Hoi An Memories Show launched in March has attracted the attention of many visitors as it touches their emotions when it recalls the soul, history and culture of the central strip land. Audiences seem to forget the fact that this is an art show with hundreds of performers on stage and sound effects to get immersed in the memories of Hoi An.

It can be seen that Vietnam receives a large number of international tourists each year, most of whom have high demand for enjoying and learning arts and culture. Meanwhile, in the present time, we have very few sizeable shows. Therefore, cultural and art shows for tourism are still an open and potential market for investors.

Attracting private art investment
Cultural factors are more attractive to tourists than natural resources. Besides, artistic shows are unique to make tourism more interesting and splendid. Nevertheless, arts and cultural programmes for tourism in Vietnam are still fledging, small-scale and asynchronous.

Mr Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of Nha Trang Tourism Association - Khanh Hoa province, said, currently, art shows are mostly performed by highly qualified, devoted artists and investing companies particularly have strong financial potential to make a good name to tourists far and wide, thus bringing a finer image for the Vietnamese tourism industry. But, this outcome is not commensurate with the great potential of Vietnam tourism.

In fact, most of arts shows for tourism lack good places to showcase Vietnamese culture. Mr Pham Tien Dung, Vice President of Unesco Travel Club, said that the tourism industry needs artistic programmes organised on a regular basis or with different topics. To date, most shows are not derived from visitors’ interests and tastes.

Therefore, in addition to actively encouraging private enterprises to invest in culture and art, cultural and tourist management agencies should have reasonable plans and policies to encourage cultural arts companies and specialists to shake hands with investors to create high-quality artistic products that visitors cannot ignore.

Furthermore, current shows do not successfully attract foreign visitors who have huge spending capacity, and love to learn about culture and arts. Therefore, each locality should study and present a unique cultural and artistic product in order to attract more tourists.

Besides, Mr Nguyen Khac Ha, Director of the Khanh Hoa Department of Culture and Sports, said, although the cultural sector organises many cultural and artistic programmes interested by tourists, it has not connected with travel companies to introduce cultural products to tourists to have more budget to develop better cultural products. Hence, to make arts and culture serve tourism, the two cultural and tourism sectors need to find a common voice to cultural and tourism development and diversification. Arts and cultural programmes should be coordinated with tour operators and tourism authorities to introduce and promote their products and programmes to tourists.

Needless to say, arts shows have a lot of opportunities and potential for development. Therefore, with Party and State support policies and the coordination of travel agencies and authorities, culture is the fertile land for investors to exploit in the future and turn culture into attractive tourist products to lure more foreign visitors to Vietnam.

Giang Tu

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