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Bidrico Honoured with National Quality Award

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2018

On April 22, 2018, the leadership and staff of Bidrico were honoured to receive the National Quality Award 2017 - Silver Prize in Hanoi. Confidently having beaten hundreds of competitors and meeting rigorous criteria of the jury to win this noble award, Bidrico reconfirms its top-class product quality and its efforts to uphold its corporate culture. This tribute recognises the company’s ongoing contributions to bring delicious, nutritious safe and hygienic drinks to customers and provide better protection for consumer health.

The National Quality Award is a national award presented by the Prime Minister. The award belongs to the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) administered by the Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO). The award is launched annually by the Ministry of Science and Technology to honour outstanding, worthy companies which play a role in improving Vietnamese enterprises’ capabilities in the course of regional and international economic integration. This is also a way to encourage Vietnamese firms to build quality culture and successfully apply management systems, models and tools for better productivity and quality, thus enhancing competitiveness and contributing to national economy, to the community and to the whole society.

This year, the Prime Minister decided to hand the National Quality Awards to 73 companies, including 15 gold prizes and 58 silver prizes. After passing many rounds of assessment, Bidrico took a pride in receiving the silver prize for the National Quality Award for its efforts for more sustainable production and business as well as enterprise management system. Speaking on the sidelines of the awarding ceremony, Bidrico General Director Nguyen Dang Hien said that the National Quality Award is an opportunity for businesses with higher productivity and better product quality to be honoured. Winning the Silver National Quality Award 2017 is not easy for Bidrico because the trophy not just focuses on quality management system but perform inclusive assessments in many respects. In its production practice, Bidrico applies good production processes operated on self-contained technological lines. It adopts not only Vietnam’s popular quality management criteria such as ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP but also international criteria such as FDA, FCE and SID. The company then turns out premium natural beverages featured by naturality, deliciousness, nutrition and safety for human health. During assessment and appraisal processes, Bidrico fulfilled very strict evaluation criteria imposed by the Organising Committee such as leadership role; operating strategy; customer and market-oriented policy; knowledge measurement, analysis and management; and human resources management and development. “Although National Quality Award criteria are very rigorous, a company will take great benefits when it has enough resolution to meet the criteria. And, Bidrico is well aware of it. Seeing that sustainable development must be based on productivity, output and product quality, we have boldly invested in system modernisation and technological upgrading for years; and enhanced corporate governance from leadership role, strategy, market and customer policy to corporate governance quality assessment and measurement. Taking National Quality Award criteria as a measure, Bidrico has, to date, achieved it. We are very confident and willing to welcome partners and customers to visit our factories to know our production activities,” he confirmed.

The National Quality Award is expected to motivate Bidrico employees to uphold the innovative spirit; invest more for higher product quality, and standardise human resources and administration systems to lay a stepping stone for Bidrico to aim high and confidently affirm its brand position in the market and in the hearts of consumers as well.

Earlier at the Summit of Leaders held on April 17, 2018, in London, the United Kingdom, Bidrico General Director Nguyen Dang Hien was also honoured with the title “Honorary Professor of the Academic Union.”

The Honorary Professor of the Academic Union title was founded by the Oxford Speakers Bureau and Academic Union under the auspice of the Club of the Rectors of Europe and the Socrates International. Entitled persons have important contributions to promoting social progress and intellectual progress of modern society.

Candidates to this title are carefully selected by professional researchers of the Academic Union. Winners are determined by rankings on media, social networks, internet, news and open data analysis and by recommendations of government agencies, social organisations, chambers of commerce, business associations, educational institutions and specialists.

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