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Vinareal Trading and Investment Co., Ltd Building Professional, Healthy Property Market

Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Staffed by more than 300 consultants and collaborators sharing the same mission of grasping ever-increasing market demands, Nha Trang Real is among the Top 10 real estate developers in Vietnam. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr Van Dung Chinh, Chairman of the Board of Members of Vinareal Trading and Investment Co., Ltd. Han Luong reports.

As leading property traders in Vietnam today, Cat Loi Real & Nha Trang Real are both affiliated to The Rich Building and developing together. How have the two real estate trading floors contributed to the real estate brokerage field?
Vinareal has been in the market for 13 years and developed through Cat Loi Real and Nha Trang Real. This is one of the first five real estate exchanges approved by the Department of Construction to provide real estate brokerage services.

The robust tourism growth in Nha Trang City is associated with real estate development. Vinareal and its peers in the Real Estate Brokerage Association all strive to recommend directions and persuade other enterprises to invest in Nha Trang. Most proudly, in 2015 and 2016, Nha Trang impressively attracted a lot of investment capital from famous brands like Vingroup Joint Stock Company and Vinacapital Group. Northern Cam Ranh Peninsula was bustling with ongoing projects. It is certain that the company will contribute more to the development of the sector in the coming time. Vinareal always acts for the sake of people and the community by organising local social housing development programmes, settlement weeks and dream house programmes to provide more housing opportunities for local people.

To be named a Top 7 outstanding real estate company at the “Vietnam National Property Award 2018” ceremony is a great honour for a property company from the central region like Vinareal. Could you please tell how do you feel about it?
The coastal city of Nha Trang is dubbed the Pearl of the Far East”, a wonderful resort paradise. In the past five years, local resorts have grown in value and brand prestige. And, Vinareal also shifted to this product line. In 2016, we received an invitation from the Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Association with the American Real Estate Brokerage Association to impart experience and advice in real estate brokerage. Most recently, Vinareal was honoured to be a Top 7 real estate exchange at the “Vietnam National Property Award 2018” presenting ceremony. We proved our value, our capacity and our part to create a national property brand. This was an inspiration and encouragement for Vinareal to further enhance its competitiveness, and build and develop its brand towards international standards. The company always creates “green, clean and fine” property investment to create high quality products. This is the collective result of all the Vinareal staff.

Vinareal is not only a real estate project broker and professional consultant, but also an intermediary bridge for investors to seek funds for their projects. How does Vinareal fill these dual roles?
Every year, we regularly host 5-7 consulting events for investors and introduce property opportunities in the coastal city of Nha Trang. Specifically, Vinareal held three events in December 2017. The Settlement Week was held on December 3 for local people seeking social housing. The vacation property introduction event was organised on December 9. An event seeking and identifying investment opportunities in coastal cities in Vietnam was launched in northern Vinh Phuc province was launched on December 30. All activities were well designed to help investors know investment values at companies and in localities.

The real estate market of Khanh Hoa province in general and Nha Trang City in particular is gathering pace, particularly in the vacation property segment. Could you please introduce the company’s contributions to overall market success?
High tourism growth (rising 25-35 per cent a year), and the direction and resolution of the Provincial People’s Committee and local departments in infrastructure upgrading, together create a foundation for investors to see the immeasurable value in the locality. We inform Vietnamese investors of real estate planning, helping them see the potential of Nha Trang real estate sector to pick best projects. Besides, as a member of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, Vinareal is also responsible for making reports every three months where it describes current market performances and business data. Besides, we send information to banks with the aim of helping credit institutions and the Department of Construction to capture current property market values. We also regularly invite brokerage houses to form a friendly, effective sharing forum for them.

What will Vinareal plan to do to elevate its position as a professional and prestigious broker, but also a project investor in the future?

In our development strategy, we will continue to focus on real estate development as the foundation for future business growth to create stable and sustainable growth and affirm the total strength of the company. We are committed to bringing good values to partners and customers, and building the healthy real estate market of Khanh Hoa province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Thank you very much!

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