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Na Ka - Paradise in the Prairies

Posted: Monday, May 28, 2018

In the middle of green tea hills, pinkish blossoming peach hills and white flowering plum trees lies Na Ka Valley, Moc Chau, an enchanting fairy-like destination for tourists.

It is hard to find out another place which can please tourists around the year like Moc Chau - a small plateau in Son La province, about 200 km northwest of Hanoi. This land is amazingly beautiful at any time of the year. It carries typical beauty from season to season. All paths are covered with pinkish peach flowers and white plum flowers in the springtime. It turns reddish in the summertime when plums ripen. It becomes immensely green with teas and white with radish flowers in the early winter time.

Plums ripen late May. The sour and sweet fruit is “addictive” to all tourists trying it. Na Ka, which grows most and best plums in Moc Chau plateau. Tourists can taste the fruit after plucking it from trees. Eating it with Cham Cheo salt made by the Thai people is distinctively flavourful.

Thai Thu Duong, a tour guide from Ho Chi Minh City-based Saigon Holiday Tourism Company, shared her first experience in Moc Chau: It is wonderful to experience with the Moc Chau mountainous space, to stand in the middle of a charming plum valley to inhale the scent of earth and imagine flying with the wind in the picturesque landscape. Plucking ripened fruits shyly hiding behind green leaves and eating them with the uniquely local chilly salt is extremely exciting.

Coming to Moc Chau this time, visitors will have the chance to join in the vibrant annual “Fruit-picking Festival”. Watching dances performed by local Thai girls or listening to music played by H'Mong boys in a gorgeous setting bring you to the ecstasy of a peaceful world on the highland.

In addition, visitors are free to take photos and check in here. They can explore the daily life of indigenous people while plucking plums to eat or to keep as gifts.

Mr Nguyen Xuan Van, owner of a plum farm in Na Ka, said, “A lot of people visit Na Ka every year and the most in the year falls in the plum season. About 20,000 visitors come here each month. Visitors, especially international guests, love to pick their own plums from trees.”

Plum fruit harvest will last till the end of June. Therefore, visitors will have a lot of time to come here to enjoy the best time in the year. The ideal time to visit Na Ka Village is early in the morning or late in the afternoon because this is the best time to pick fruit and capture perfect pictures as well.

If you cannot visit Na Ka this season, you can also come there in the spring to admire a lushly green valley spotted with early white plum flowers. You can go deeply into the village to inhale the scent from plum trees in the cold weather. Plum flowers blossom a lot in late January but the most beautiful scene usually falls in mid-February.

You can also come to Na Ka in the autumn to have the opportunity to grow plum trees with farmers. It will be an interesting experience to weed, prune and tend plum trees and join in local traditional festivals. This not only gives visitors wonderful natural and romantic scenery on the mountains, but also brings a memorable experience with a simple life of indigenous people.

Giang Tu

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