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Businessman Nguyen Dang Hien: Success from Vietnamese Brand

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2018

In the competitive market, every business comes to "fight" with their passion and aspiration. However, to be able to create a major beverage brand success both domestically and internationally, like Bidrico, is a "dream come true". For more than 26 years of unceasing creativity and devotion, businessman Nguyen Dang Hien, General Director of Tan Quang Minh Production and Trading Co., Ltd. (Bidrico), has created his journey from bare hands to Vietnamese brand that many consumers love. However, more importantly, it is the business essence, thinking and humanity that imbue the thoughts and actions of this virtuous leader and entrepreneur.

The boat named “Bidrico”

Dang Van Hien was born on the sunny land of Co Luy village, Hai Ba commune, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province. For him, apart from going to school through rice fields and rows of potato plants, his childhood contains memories of a life of difficulty in earning one’s livelihood. Over those hard years, he trained and fostered the resilience, determination, strong will and sensitivity to labor of the intellectual businessman Nguyen Dang Hien. Hence, the story of his career path has always shown the strong spirit and pride of a skilled captain who has managed to steer the "Bidrico boat" over the waves of the market. 

He always keeps in mind that: “My parents have given the opportunity to me in order to escape from farming work, so I have to work to escape from poverty.” Thus, he decided to leave his hometown, resigned from teaching at the University of Finance - Banking to start his career in Ho Chi Minh City. As a person with radical thinking, talent, wisdom and high determination, in 1992, Mr Nguyen Dang Hien established Tan Quang Minh Production and Trading Co., Ltd. (Bidrico).

On the early days when the new Bidrico brand just emerged on the market, the young director Nguyen Dang Hien lacked the business experience and faced many difficulties of competitive economy at that time. Despite the challenges that require solving the financial constraints, lack of means of production, weak qualification of the staff, no strategy to persuade customers, etc., he always retained his optimism, and he never had a thought of stepping back. For him, "the main difficulties are the catalysts of great success." Therefore, day by day, with the wise management of himself together with the efforts and the will of the partners and the whole staff of the company, he created a brand named Bidrico "made in Vietnam", which is preferred in both domestic and international markets.  

So, when the difficult years have passed, in the mind of an enthusiastic 26-year-old, Bidrico has been increasingly asserting its potential and strength under the management of the experienced founder Nguyen Dang Hien.

The secret to success

For Mr Nguyen Dang Hien, Bidrico is not only a spiritual child satisfying his aspiration or a proof of elite business capacity. More than ever, Bidrico is his legacy which contains the essence of beauty, the philosophy of life and business experience. Since then, it is the driving force and guideline for all activities urging him to firmly step into the harsh market.

With the inherent honest, hard-working and ordinary quality of a son of the Central Vietnam and the heart of a genuine businessman, Mr Hien always keeps the word "Heart" for each customer and staff of Bidrico. More than ever, it is “Heart” for the love of country. It is to high-quality products "made in Vietnam" produced by the mind and talent of the Vietnamese people and highly appreciated and received by the partners of many competitive markets, the knowledge is a prerequisite element and the key to every successful door. Entrepreneur Nguyen Dang Hien also affirms that "no success will last forever" if one does not maintain the will to keep up and desire to make Bidrico into a larger corporation in the future. In his opinion, the domestic market will be a safety buoy for businesses to rely on when the world market fluctuates and becomes unstable.

After many years of challenges, persistence and strong will to start from a small facility to become a leading modern beverage factory in Vietnam with a total capital of tens of millions of dollars, Tan Quang Minh Company has boldly invested more than 15,000m² of space with modern production lines in the world from France, Germany, Sweden, etc. Automatic Filling Technology, UHT pasteurization technology, fruit juice extraction technology, etc. are strictly applied to ensure high quality products in accordance with product safety and hygiene and good preservation.

In addition, Bidrico has launched many products good for the health of consumers, which is warmly welcomed with brands A * nuta, Yobi, Restore, Bi's nest, La La La, etc. To date, Bidrico has exported its products to 14 countries around the world, and it has more than 400 beverage distributors ranging from North to South Vietnam. Moreover, one of the important milestones that made Bidrico's significant development is to become the sponsor of bottled pure water at the APEC Summit in 2017. 

In spite of success in business, General Director Nguyen Dang Hien always devotes himself in research and exploration and obtains the knowledge of nature, society, machinery, technology, etc. to learn and apply by himself and constantly improve the profession. He always shares his best knowledge with his staff, friends and associates, so everyone is very impressed with his abilities, conduct and spirit. Keeping in mind that "Enterprises are the home which must be built together with discipline, love, unity and responsibility", as the company executive, he attaches great importance to the role of workers and considers it "the root of success".

Furthermore, he said, "Doing business first must be right; do not perform it for your own good but for the benefit of others." From this awareness, the "open" policies for the employees are also expressed by the determination to build a healthy corporate culture. Over the years, Mr Nguyen Dang Hien and the company always pay special attention to social security activities and supporting the less fortunate. Bidrico has spent billions of Vietnam dong on charity programs, funds for the poor, donations to people suffering from natural disasters, floods, and gratitude house building for poor students. Hence, mentioning Bidrico is mentioning a strong, reliable beverage brand as well as a united, dynamic and creative group always devoting itself to the social security work.

Thanks to the practical contributions to the development of the country's economy, as well as contributions bringing the Vietnamese brand to the same level as international ones, the company has received many worthy group awards and titles, recognized as " International Gold Star for Leadership in Quality Award in 2011" in Paris - France; Famous ASEAN brand in Laos; International Quality Summit in the Diamond category at Summit in New York - USA in 2014; etc. The latest award is 2017’s National Performance Excellence Award (NPEA) in Hanoi with Silver prize after the company passed hundreds of enterprises as well as strict criteria, which shows the strength and broad influence of Vietnam Bidrico brand. 

Recently, on 17 April 2018, in London, United Kingdom, General Director of Tan Quang Minh Production and Trading Co., Ltd., Mr Nguyen Dang Hien was awarded "Honorary Professor of the Academic Union". This is the title established by the Academic Union Oxford with the support of the Club of European Rectors and the International Socrates Committee. Individuals who have been awarded this honorary title are those who have made important contributions to the advancement of the social and intellectual progress of modern society.

For businessman Nguyen Dang Hien, recognition of his efforts and attempts with such a noble international award is not only encouragement to constantly study, it is also a strong premise for the development of the Bidrico brand in the journey of affirming the special remark on the international "beverage map". 

For 26 years of development and operation, the Board of Directors of Tan Quang Minh Company has always aspired to fulfil its sacred mission: "Raising up the Vietnamese brand" to be a pioneer Bidrico brand - the pride of the beverage industry in Vietnam and contribute to the reputation of the sector as well as actively contribute to the prosperity of the country. At the same time, Mr Nguyen Dang Hien always upholds the business philosophy of the company - "Innovation and creativity" as the constant factor. This will help businesses find opportunities for cooperation as well as stronger development steps in the increasingly integrated economy.

 Lan Huong

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