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EVN HCMC Active for a Better Business Climate

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018

Defining that power supply is an important criterion in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the power sector of Ho Chi Minh City has actively carried out many solutions to enhance the quality of electricity, expand the access to electricity indicator, and reduce investment costs for customers, thus helping improve the quality of electricity delivery services for customers and raise the PCI of the city and of Vietnam as a whole. We have a short interview with Deputy General Director of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVN HCMC) Pham Quoc Bao to learn more about this issue. Bich Thuy reports.

Not only having very fast and strong economic growth, Ho Chi Minh City is also leading the country in FDI attraction. This has brought both opportunities and challenges to EVN HCMC. Could you please tell us about this?
Currently, investors in the city are increasingly demanding high-quality power, especially in export processing zones and high-tech parks. This forced customer services to be more diverse and electronic.

In addition, the Vietnam Wholesale Electricity Market (VWEM), piloted in 2016, will be officially operational in 2019. This is really a big turning point that determines the existence and development of a power distributor like EVN HCMC in the current electricity market.

Many challenges are exposed when the corporation is resolute to make a comprehensive and synchronous change for better competitiveness. The corporation must make a double effort to achieve many high demands.

EVN HCMC has basically met the power demand in economic, industrial and urban centres in the city. How about your fulfilment in suburban districts and rural areas?
In the past years, EVN HCMC has given priority to funding power supply programmes and projects in remote rural and island areas, especially where the rate of rural households supplied with electricity from the national grid is low. Particularly, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Nha Be and Binh Chanh districts, we reviewed power supply in all communes and confirmed that all in these districts had access to electricity through the national grid to meet Criterion 4 on electricity according to the new set of criteria for rural areas in the 2016 - 2020 period.

In Can Gio district, the corporation reviewed all six communes and confirmed that all of them met Criterion 4 according to Decision 4296/QD-UBND.

Particularly in Thieng Lieng village, Thanh An island commune, Can Gio district, EVN HCMC completed the project of building a 22-kV grid across the sea to Thanh An Island commune (April 2015) and a 22-kV power grid project to Thieng Lieng hamlet (April 2016) to bring national electricity to this area. As for some households living at large in protection forests which do not have infrastructure facilities for construction of the national power grid, EVN HCMC installed solar panels to deliver electricity.

How have you strived to support the city to improve investment and business environment, raise PCI and attract more investment capital effectively?
Recently, the corporation has actively supported local enterprises to meet PCI component indices to enhance the overall competitiveness of the city. Specifically as for power supply, EVN HCMC has met power demand for socio-economic development, national defence and security, and political and cultural events in Ho Chi Minh City, hence enabling the city to improve growth quality and local competitiveness in combination with deepening economic restructuring and ensuring social security and welfare in the city.

In order to boost the operational reliability of the grid, in 2017, EVN HCMC carried out a number of measures such as speeding up repairs on live-line medium voltage power lines to reduce the time of power outages; raise the operational capacity of medium voltage power lines by carrying out remote controls in 52 per cent of medium voltage power lines, launching automation solutions, building smart grids to enhance the grid capacity and troubleshooting. The synchronous deployment of solutions has helped improve the quality and reliability of power delivery to customers. By the end of 2017, power delivery reliability indicators in the city had continued to improve (SAIFI - the average number of power interruptions that a customer experiences - fell from 6.72 times in 2015 to 3.02 times in 2017. Similarly, SAIDI - the average outage duration for each customer served - dropped from 720 minutes to 232 minutes). The power loss rate dropped to 3.72 per cent.

In addition to raising the quality of electricity supply, the corporation has implemented many solutions to enhance service quality for customers like increasing online transactions; upgrading customer care services through PBX systems, website, EVNHCMC-CSKH mobile applications and social network Zalo, diversifying electronic forms of power payment and investing in advanced equipment for electricity business. Consequently, the customer service quality of EVN HCMC is always highly appreciated by independent consultants, as shown by higher scores year after year, and ranked among EVN’s top distribution corporations.

Besides, improving the access to electricity index is also an emphasis at EVN HCMC. The corporation has actively coordinated with other departments and sectors to carry out inter-sectoral agreements aimed at reducing the maximum settlement time to just five working days. EVN HCMC has also improved the customer power connection process in three working days when the load demand is equal or lower than 160 KVA and no more than 13 working days when the load is greater than 160 KVA. The electricity sector will proactively perform its actions and bear all costs. On the customer side, the only procedure is to register for electricity supply.

We also strictly perform the single-window mechanism in all transactions with customers and they just need to register at Customer Service Centre at our telephone number 1900545454 or contact us by email at or via the website

Thank you very much!

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