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Tourism Potential Advantages Better Tapped

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tay Ninh province is endowed with abundant tourist resources, featuring many famous landscapes and historical and cultural relics like Ba Den Mountain, Wartime Central Command - a special national monument, Dau Tieng Lake and Cao Dai Tay Ninh Holy See. Unlocking these advantages, the Tay Ninh tourism sector has witnessed a constant increase in both tourist arrivals and revenue, and created a solid foundation to realise the goal of turning tourism into an important economic sector of the province. The following conversation with Mr Nguyen Hoang Nam, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Tay Ninh province, reflects these encouraging results. Cong Luan reports.

Could you please describe the results of executing the Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress of Tay Ninh tourism sector to date?
Carrying out the Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress, in 2016 and 2017, the Tay Ninh tourism sector made an important contribution to local socioeconomic development. Visitor arrivals and revenue picked up. Tourist arrivals to sightseeing attractions reached 3.2 per cent a year and tourism revenue rose 13.8 per cent a year. The share of tourism sector to GRDP growth was 2.75 per cent. Some tourist sites have been upgraded and tourism products increased in business performance, scale and quality.

Ba Den Mountain tourist site attracts over 2 million visitors each year. Particularly during the Spring Festival 2018, it welcomed 1.55 million visitors, up 2.5 per cent year on year. And, remarkably, on the fifth day of the first lunar month of 2018, it served 203,600 visitors, the highest in a single day, an increase of 22 per cent over the day of 2017 (167,300 people).

In tourism development, cooperation plays a very important role. So, what has been the focus of tourism cooperation development in Tay Ninh?
On international cooperation, Tay Ninh signed cooperation agreements with Cambodia’s border-sharing provinces; and signed a cooperation agreement with Gimhae City and Chung Ju City (South Korea), including tourism cooperation. These agreements will facilitate travel companies, tourists and border people to enter and exit conveniently and carry out border-crossing procedures with Cambodia; exchange, learn and improve knowledge and experience in tourism development; coordinated in tourism potential promotion to lure businesses to invest in developing tours and tourism services; and provide opportunities for cooperation in organising tours, tourism fairs, human resource training, tourism promotion, and tourism market development research between the two sides.
On domestic cooperation, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism inked cooperation agreements with Southeast provinces, Da Nang City, Hanoi City and universities to link and support tourism development and human resources training.

Could you please tell us about tourism investment results in the province so far? To increase tourism investment, what special incentives and supports does the province offer for businesses to invest in the tourism industry?
Tay Ninh province licensed 10 tourism investment projects with a total registered capital of VND2,047 billion since 2013.

In March 2016, the Tay Ninh Provincial People’s Committee issued a list of tourism projects seeking investment capital in 2016 - 2020, including eight projects: A project to develop the Ba Den Mountain national tourist site development; a project to build Ben Truong Do eco-tourist park; a project to develop ecological tourism in Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park; Tha La Dam tourist site project; Duong Minh Chau traditional tourist attraction project; a tourism investment and development project in Dau Tieng Lake; a project on reproduction of Southern revolutionary history in Boi Loi; a golf friendship course project between Vietnam and Cambodia. Some strategic investors have sought and studied investment opportunities in unique and charming Ba Den Mountain site. Tay Ninh province has implemented investment incentive policies based on regulations of the Government. The province is committed to ensuring legitimate interests of investors; offering highest incentives to investors; supporting investors to quickly settle investment procedures to reduce time and expense in the course of starting projects.

To realise the goal of turning tourism into an important economic sector of Tay Ninh province by 2020, what will the tourism sector focus on in the coming time?
Determined to make tourism an important economic sector and create a driving force for socioeconomic development, Tay Ninh province has focused on developing, diversifying and improving the quality and performance of tourism products and services. It has appealed and facilitated strategic investors to invest and develop scenic Ba Den Mountain into a unique and attractive tourist attraction with a variety of tourism products and forms; develop Tay Ninh City into an ecological tourism city and an entertainment and shopping centre where night entertainment, shopping and cuisine services will be focused for development.

The province will promote M.I.C.E tourism; synchronously develop, link and effectively tap historical tourism with a focus placed on the Special National Monument of Southern Military Command, An Thoi Tunnel and Kim Quang Cave Base. It will also call for funds to develop and connect ecological tourism, leisure and medical tourism of national standards, with target destinations including Ma Thien Lanh site; Bau Ca Na site, Dao Nhim Island - Dau Tieng Lake site, Tha La Lake, Nuoc Trong Lake, and Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park.

In addition, the province will pay attention to investment in synchronous development and connection of transport infrastructure for tourism; develop high-quality professional tourism human resources to meet development requirements; build professional tourism marketing strategies; speed up, renovate and enhance the capacity, efficiency and professionalism of tourism information and promotion. It will focus on information technology application to tourism promotion and marketing: Effectively operating multi-lingual websites and adding more languages to websites like Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai and Cambodian. It will popularise local tourism via social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram based on the tastes of individual markets. It will increase online marketing, travel newsletters and multi-language travel marketing publications.

To have better tourism investment projects, the province will review, renew and supplement mechanisms and policies for a better investment and business environment. Tay Ninh province will particularly focus on attracting investment capital for priority fields such as developing inland waterway tourism, amusement parks, shopping and entertainment centres, community-based tourism, and hi-tech agriculture and tourism development. At the same time, it will build and operate the Tay Ninh Tourism Development Fund to engage more investment resources for domestic and foreign tourism promotion and human resources training.

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