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Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd: Dynamic Development in Globalising Environment

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd was established in December 2000 and officially came into operation in May 2001. After nearly 20 years of construction and development, with its continuous effort for higher product quality, the company quickly established its standing and confidently affirmed its solid position on domestic and international rubber markets. At present, Lien Anh is the second largest rubber exporter in the Vietnam Rubber Association and ranks 189th among the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

Key products of Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd include SVR CV50, SVR CV60, SVR 3L, RSS 3, SVR 5, SVR 10, SVR CV10, SVR CV20 and SVR 20 natural latex products and Latex HA, Latex LA synthetic rubber products. Being aware that product quality is vital for any rubber processing company, Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd always attaches great importance to modernising machinery and equipment. The concern is running the country’s largest centrifugal latex plant with an annual output capacity of over 30,000 tonnes.

In the production process, Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd always lays emphasis on energy and input saving by tuning up production processes and technologies and applying environment-friendly technology; regularly launches emulation movements to stimulate technical innovations for higher quality products; and enhances technical management measures to achieve the highest quality of products. Long-time inventories will cause a rise or fall in physical and chemical properties of rubber. Its customers, particularly foreigners, pay very much attention to these indicators. For that reason, Lien Anh Rubber always puts a premium on product quality indicators, regularly inspects and strictly follows the quality management system to ensure that exported products meet technical requirements.

With its efforts to strictly comply with stern product quality regulations, the company’s rubber products are very much of interest to domestic and foreign customers. Remarkably, its exports have never been returned by partners because of quality. And consequently, its export markets have kept expanding. At present, its products have successfully made inroads into many famous foreign markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, the European Union, Egypt, Turkey, the Middle East, India and Asian countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, with its key customer being Goodyear. In the domestic market, the firm supplies its products to tyre manufacturers like DRC, Sailun and Goodtime.

Knowing that its advantages and challenges are the way of development, Lien Anh Rubber Production Co., Ltd will focus on carrying out strategies to increase the added value of rubber by investing in downstream processing, gradually reduce the export of raw materials, and strengthen joint venture and cooperation in rubber production for higher economic value. General Director Doan Van Luc said that, in addition to traditional export markets, Lien Anh Rubber will actively seek out and expand its operations, and aim to set up official distribution channels to reach other potential markets in the world. “Market expansion and international economic integration bring golden opportunities to rubber exporters, but they also carry with potential risks and challenges. For that reason, there is a dire need for the support from the Government of Vietnam and central and local agencies on export policies and tariff policies, thus helping Lien Anh Rubber and other Vietnamese rubber exporters as well to penetrate the globalised environment,” he added.

The company also asked all-tiers of authorities to intensify product quality management in order to protect the trademark and prestige of Vietnam's natural rubber in the international market to narrow price gaps among countries in the region such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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