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Truong Hung Co., Ltd Innovatively Adding Value to Cassava

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cassava is among main food crops in Tay Ninh province that not only helps the poor to earn a living and reduce poverty, but also increases export value and brings in foreign currencies for local economic development. To accompany Tay Ninh province to unlock huge potential economic value of this important food crop, many tapioca processors boldly invest in machinery and technology lines to turn out modified tapioca starch to add more value to cassava. Remarkable examples include Truong Thinh Co., Ltd Limited and Truong Hung Co., Ltd under DAWUCORP, a multi-business corporation with a more than 20-year experience of churning out tapioca starch and modified starch.

Strong investment in downstream processing
As two among five tapioca production factories of DAWUCORP in Vietnam (Truong Hung Co., Ltd, Truong Thinh Co., Ltd., Viet Ma Co., Ltd, Wusons Manufacturing Trading Co., Ltd and Nuoc Trong Joint Stock Company), Truong Thinh Co., Ltd and Truong Hung Co., Ltd went into operation in 1997 in Suoi Ngo and Thanh Dong communes, Tan Chau district - a fresh cassava growing area of Tay Ninh province. Taking product quality as a top priority criterion decisive to the existence and development of the company, over the past 20 years, Truong Hung and Truong Thinh have continuously accelerated technological development, actively applied modern technological progresses to processing, and diversified tapioca starch products such as modified starch and alpha starch to increase the value of cassava and the value of exports in general.

With its intensive investment endeavours, Truong Hung has risen to become one of the best tapioca starch mills in Vietnam powered by modern imported German technology. The self-contained factory is capable of processing about 300 tonnes of tapioca a day. The factory is operated according to ISO9001:2008 and HACCP standards to ensure product quality management and reduce production costs. Therefore, Ngon duoc (torch)-branded tapioca made by Truong Hung Co., Ltd always meets high quality, food safety standards and requirements of domestic and foreign customers from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Arab countries.

The company has managed to uplift its brand position, earn economic benefits and raise incomes for cassava growers in Tay Ninh province when the Truong Hung tapioca brand increasingly affirms its name on domestic and foreign markets. More importantly, bold investments in modified starch and alpha starch production lines have brought a great opportunity for Truong Hung and Truong Thinh to access quality-demanding export markets such as South Korea, the United Kingdom (UK), Japan and Europe. This has opened a promising direction on the path to bring high-quality tapioca brand of Vietnam to the world.

Eco-friendly production
In the tapioca starch production industry, environmental issue is very important because it discharges wastewater containing COD and BOD and pollutes the environment. Mr. Vu Van Thieu, Director of Truong Hung Co., Ltd, said that this field is highly exposed to environmental pollution. For that reason, in the past years, in addition to efforts for higher productivity and product quality, environmental protection and sustainable development are always raised and invested by leaders of Truong Hung Co., Ltd. Accordingly, in order to thoroughly handle environmental issues in the production process, Truong Hung Co., Ltd took the lead in waste treatment systems that collect biogas for fuelling production to increase high economic value. The concern also invested in biological wastewater treatment facilities to treat wastewater before disposing of it into the natural environment and ensure the living habitat for fish and other livestock species. “If the company knows to utilise and invest right in wastewater treatment, it will not only meet environmental protection requirements but also bring in high economic value,” he affirmed.

In addition to pioneering investment in wastewater treatment systems, since its inception, Truong Hung Co., Ltd always encourages and facilitates its employees to research and renovate technologies and technical improvements. So far, a lot of good initiatives of employees have been recognised and put into production to raise labour productivity, reduce energy consumed, and protect bright, green, clean and nice living and working environments.

Cong Luan

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