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Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd: Growth Built on Quality, Performance and Sustainability

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

From a small production base founded over 35 years ago, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd robustly grew to become a typical producer and trader of tapioca starch in Tay Ninh province. The company not only helps raise the value of cassava and increase export value of Tay Ninh province, but also provides jobs for local workers and improves living quality for farmers.

Possessing the second largest cassava acreage in Vietnam after Gia Lai province, Tay Ninh is the country's top producer and processor of tapioca starch. At the end of 2017, the province was home to 74 cassava processing plants with a combined designed processing capacity of 7,300 tonnes of products a day or 218,880 tonnes of products a month. Its export value accounted for about 40 per cent of the country’s total tapioca exports.

In the past 35 years, with the development of tapioca starch processing industry and the availability of abundant cassava in Tay Ninh province, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd rose to become a trailblazer in high-quality tapioca starch processing in the country and reach out to foreign markets. By promoting prestige and quality, and environment-friendly production, the company has gradually asserted its position and leadership in launching new high-quality tapioca starch products that meet import conditions in fastidious markets such as Europe and the United States.

Mr Pham Truong Xuan, Deputy Director of Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd, said that global demand for tapioca starch is rising as functions of this product are very broad. Tapioca starch is not just a foodstuff but also an ingredient widely used in such industries as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and light industries like confectionery, synthetic yarn, modified starch and spices. Especially, the modified tapioca starch is the main input to make environmentally friendly biofuels to meet global demand.

Seeing the huge market demand, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd actively upgraded technology, boldly invested in modern machinery, equipment, laboratories, workshops and warehouses to enhance its product competitiveness in export markets. At the same time, the firm applied technical and quality management system standards and waste treatment facilities to make sure than human health and living environment are ensured. During that process, the most significant is the adoption of modern Japanese and European technological lines with European product quality, cleaner production, material-saving and new materials. While many cassava industries are struggling with the Chinese market which poses a lot of shortcomings and potential risks, the bold investment of Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd marked a long progress in its effort to conquering the domestic market and penetrating the international market. That is also an important launching platform for Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd to ship more products to South Africa, USA and some other European countries. The company’s products must experience strict quality and food safety tests before launching onto the market. The best product quality has enabled it to enter quality-demanding markets that very few tapioca companies of Vietnam can do, for the time being.

Deputy Director Pham Truong Xuan said, “Since its inception, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd defined that, to exist and develop in a fiercely competitive tapioca market, there is no other way than maintain prestige and brand name on the market and constantly improve product quality for the sake of consumers. Therefore, the company never compromises quality, and always does business with prestige and product quality.”

In addition to renovating technology and production lines, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd is responsible for creating a green and clean working environment and focusing on wastewater treatment and environmental protection. The company invested very much in building microbial wastewater treatment systems to treat wastewater before disposing of it into the environment. The company’s environmental protection effort was certified and praised by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tay Ninh province. Furthermore, it was named a prime example of environmental protection for other companies in the locality and the industry to follow.

Being confident with quality-based development strategy and sustainable development, Xuan Hong Import Export Processing Co., Ltd will continue to bring more high-class tapioca starch products to world markets in the coming time.

Cong Luan

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