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Hai Dang JSC towards a Strong Business Corporation

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Founded in 2008 with only four initial employees, the starting luggage Hai Dang Joint Stock Company was brainpower, passionate heart and strong belief in the chosen way. As hard-working as honey bees, in the past 10 years, the leadership and the staff have joined forces to transform Hai Dang from a small business to a powerful, prestigious construction brand and bring quality products and create value chains for partners and customers.

Brand built on credibility and quality
Sharing the secret of success, Mr Thai Truong Giang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hai Dang Joint Stock Company, said, the core factor is the company seized the opportunity in the right time to shift business investment to more appropriate fields and meet market needs in the new context. At first, Hai Dang was only engaged in project management consultancy and construction supervision. With its deeper delve into the expertise of the construction industry, with knowledge and experience from practice, Hai Dang better knew its capacity and potential. Since then, the firm focused on developing human resources, boldly investing more in modern equipment and machinery to expand business operations and scope.

In 2011, Hai Dang started to take part in traffic infrastructure construction, marking an important turning point in its history. However, the Government-backed public investment reduction resulted a stiffer competition among contractors. Given that the real estate market was lacklustre, construction investors and contractors were caught in difficulty and even collapsed. In that context, Hai Dang Joint Stock Company chose to go on its own new direction, seek more foreign investors planning to invest in industrial parks in Tay Ninh province and expand investment into fields that require high expertise and complex technology. After two years of engaging in construction, Hai Dang built its prestige with technically and aesthetically guaranteed products which always satisfied investors. At that time, the company was the first contractor in the province to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Department of Transport of Tay Ninh province for outstanding quality and progress.

Initial successes in the new business field gave confidence and motivation to Hai Dang to sail out to the high sea. The company is dedicated to attracting and developing highly qualified human resources with more than 150 executive engineers, nearly 400 full-time employees and sometimes over 3,000 workers. It increased funds to buy more means, machinery, equipment and technological lines to bring its fleet to over 100 transport vehicles, over 300 motor vehicles, and four river barges with a total load of over 6,000 tonnes, hot asphalt mixers with an hourly capacity of 120 tonnes, three fresh concrete batching plants with an hourly capacity of 280 cubic metres, and large-scale mechanical workshops. Giang said, available means, machinery and equipment produce a very competitive advantage for Hai Dang over other contractors. When hot asphalt mixers and fresh concrete batching plants went into operation, the company not only actively had its own input supplies for projects but also managed product quality and taken price advantages over its rivals in the market.

In addition to enhancing outstanding capacity and experience after each project, Hai Dang always keeps its prestige to its partners and customers on the basis of fair and square profit sharing; strives to provide customers with best products at best prices, and create maximum interests for them. That is also the secret for Hai Dang to win many large-scale bids and win the trust of FDI investors from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. When it has customer confidence, the concern bravely expands the market, focuses on utilising its advantages, promotes connectivity with external resources and creates a sustainable competitive position to become a leading construction brand in Tay Ninh province and to be strong enough to compete with other rivals in the country.

Reaching out to new horizons
Hai Dang’s outstanding growth was clearly evidenced by the strong revenue growth from VND200 billion in 2013 to VND400 billion in 2014 VND700 billion in 2015 and over VND1,200 billion in 2016. As of 2017, the company had completed more than 200 projects in Tay Ninh province, with typical projects including Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park, and Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone. Besides, the firm also took part in construction of many key projects in the province such as Dien Bien Phu Road, Road 30/4, Road 786, Road 781, People's Court of Tay Ninh, BIDV Bank, Tay Ninh Welcome Gate and Military Hotel. Furthermore, Hai Dang brand has also reached other provinces like Aquaone Water Factory (Hau Giang province) and Office Building of Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant (Tra Vinh province).

Hai Dang’s success and contribution to Vietnam’s construction industry have been recognised by many desirable honours. For example, the Tay Ninh Provincial People’s Committee presented it numerous certificates of merit for being a leading business entity of the province; the Tay Ninh Department of Transport awarded certificates of merit for contractors with outstanding achievements in executing high-quality projects ahead of schedule; the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam handed the certificate of typical construction trademark of Vietnamese construction industry; and the Institute of Economics in coordination with Global GTA organisations certified the Excellence in Construction Industry. Especially in 2017, Hai Dang ranked eighth among 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam (FAST500), certified by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company.

Despite being very successful in the construction sector, Hai Dang never feels satisfied with what it has achieved, but always actively seeks new directions and new potential opportunities to extend its development. Hence, the company purchased into Tay Ninh Water Supply and Drainage Joint Stock Company, Tay Ninh Environmental Technology Joint Stock Company and Hoa Binh Hotel Joint Stock Company; and set up HADA Tay Ninh Co., Ltd. With its dynamic investment into various complementary fields, Hai Dang has grown into a conglomerate. “In the coming time, we will strengthen cooperation with many investors to carry out investment projects, not only in Tay Ninh but also in other provinces. In the context of economic integration, business cooperation with other companies for joint development is an indispensable way to create better products and services for customers on the one hand and support each other to form a powerful local business community which seeks common development and contributes to local socioeconomic construction and development,” he concluded.

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